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Gorgeous Green Grass

For those who love a velvety green lawn, but aren’t sure how to achieve it, let’s start from the beginning. If you have a new home without a landscape, all the better. Starting with improving the soil, to putting in a sprinkler system, you have a better chance of having a perfect lawn.

Italian Herb Garden – A Great Way to Produce Your Own Seasonings

George Miller famously said, “The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry again.” Most would agree that, not only is Italian food filling, but it just tastes wonderful! And, growing herbs is a great way to produce your own Italian seasonings.

Amazing History of the Indoor Bonsai Tree

From China, to Japan, to the US, the hobby of bonsai has traveled across the world over thousands of years to arrive with us today as a true art form, and pleasure to people all over the globe. Learning the history of the indoor bonsai tree will help you fully appreciate your bonsai.

How to Grow Bush Beans in Your Home Vegetable Garden

The bush bean family has a lot of options to choose from. They range in different shapes, sizes and yes, even color.

How to Make a Soothing Herbal Bath

With all the stresses of everyday, it is sometimes nice to take a soothing and relaxing herbal bath. You can easily make your own herbal bath from herbs you have grown in your own garden or windowsill. Lavender and mint are excellent herbs to soak with in the bath. Here are seven easy steps on how to do it.

A Bonsai For the Beginner

Almost everyone who sees a Bonsai tree falls in love with it. They appear to be at once uncomplicated, yet sophisticated at the same time.

Growing Grapes – Top 10 Tips

You might be of the opinion that growing your own grapes is too complicated and too much like hard work. It’s true that grapes are not as easy to grow as some other fruits but one of the reasons for this is that when they attempt to grow grapes for the first time a lot of gardeners fail to follow some simple rules. Here we present a top ten list of things to remember when attempting to grow grapes in your garden.

The Right Greenhouse Frame Can Do Wonders

Whether you are an expert or budding gardener, the fact of the matter is that most climates do not allow you to practice your hobby year-round: at least outdoors. And most of us do not have the requisite space to garden extensively indoors. That is why more people than ever before are turning to their own small greenhouse in order to expand their gardening experience from seasonal to virtually year round.

Garden Furniture – Get the Right Look

Garden furniture is also known as patio furniture and it is specifically designed for outdoor use. It is generally made out of weather resistant materials. Usually garden furniture is sold as a set consisting of a table and four or six chairs and sometimes with a parasol or large umbrella.

Growing Pepper Plants at Home

Peppers don’t just taste great. They look good too. And best of all they are easy to grow. So why not have some fun and save some money at the same time by growing your own peppers at home?

Peach Tree Pruning

If you just plant a peach tree you want to prune that tree right from the beginning. Well if you have cut the tree down to 3ft tall and leave 4 main limbs and cut the limbs to 50% of the length then you have a good start there.

Rain Diverter & Rain Barrel Problems Solved

How much rain water do I need for rain barrels & garden? This depends on how much rain you get in your part of the country.

Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Indoor vegetable gardening can be very challenging for us, but there are numerous things to think about before starting. Here is the short info about it.

Grow Lamps in Hydroponics

Grow lamps are vitally important in the world of hydroponics as without them, plants wouldn’t be able to grow. They provide the electromagnetic spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis that stimulates plant growth. This is all very crucial to the growth of the plant as the light produced from the grow lamp is very similar to that of the sun.

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