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Orchids Repotting – Why Not Recycle Your Fish Tank!

Why not get that unused fish tank out of the garage or wherever you’ve stored it and give it a whole new lease of life as a spectacular display case for your orchids? I’ll show you how easy it is to do!

Backyard Composting

Composting is the managed process of combining brown and green organic matter in way that accelerates decomposition. This is accomplish by layering both garden trimmings and kitchen scraps with the right amount of air, moisture and heat. Billions of microbes in the organic matter break down the mixture leaving a rich soil conditioner and fertilizer.

How To Make A Raised Bed For A Garden

Making a raised bed for your garden is a wise investment of your time. You will be able to control the ingredients that go into the soil for one thing. Another thing is you won’t have the lawn creeping into your garden around the edges. A third thing is the fun you’ll have in scrounging up the materials to build the bed.

How to Grow Garlic From Garlic Seed in Your Organic Garden

How to grow garlic from true seed. It’s not true that garlic seed is always sterile. Grow garlic this way and you will not need to propagate garlic from cloves.

5 Easy Orchid Growing Tips

Orchid growing tips that actually works is what you want to use when you are growing orchids. You do not want to try out tips that may harm or ruin the timeless elegance and remarkable beauty or your orchids collections.

How To Effectively Plant And Grow A Successful Grape Vine

Planting and growing a successful vineyard is not impossible for beginners. You may think it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to begin one. No not at all. This is something you can start slowly small and learn as you go along. There is plenty of time to learn while you grow them.

Which Plants Can Be Used to Make Up a Hanging Basket?

Which plants can be used to make up a hanging basket? This guide looks at the some of the best plants to use for hanging baskets and how this changes through the seasons.

The Benefits Of DIY Hydroponics

There are many reasons why you should try hydroponic gardening. It’s a wonderful hobby and you could cash in. Here are some reasons to grow your own hydroponic fruit and vegetables.

Pesty Deer and Rabbits Solved

Ever wonder how to get rid of those deer from your garden? Here is your solution.

Your Quick Guide To Container Gardening!

If you are looking for a great way to grow a great garden in a small space, consider a container garden. This method allows you to grow what you want where you want. Most vegetables can be grown in containers with relative ease, and will allow you the convenience of moving pots around to maximize the sun exposure, or to rearrange and move as needed. Many things can be used for pots in container gardening.

Orchid Information on Epiphytes And Terrestrials

Orchids are members of that much larger and versatile group of plants called perennials. There are around 750 genera and 17,500 species which are joined by literally thousands of hybrids. They are divided into two types of plant, epiphytic and terrestrials.

How to Use Orchid Composts

Discover how to re-pot your orchids correctly using compost or potting mixtures. Learn about some of the different potting mediums available and how they will suit the growing requirements of your orchid species.

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