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Gardening Product Review – Victa Lawn Mowers

Many Australians have lawn. For people who don’t live in an apartment block (most of whom don’t have a garden anyway and so won’t be reading this) lawn maintenance can be a costly and time consuming affair.

Garden Product Review – Bunnings Range of Garden Sheds

Last month i reviewed the Stihl range of Brush Cutters. This month I am going to review a pretty important garden product that can significantly improve your garden and that is the humble shed.

Gardening Product & Review – Stihl Brushcutters

When it comes to keeping your grassed area’s and your garden beds separate one of the quickest and easiest tools to use is a Line Trimmer or a Brushcutter. When it comes to buying aΒ  Brushcutter in Australia I believe there is a brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is Stihl.

Wonderful Option to Create Your Patio Garden Design

One thing to remember when you are starting your garden is that you should never get too excited. Garden planning is not pure hard work and effort. It also requires a decent amount of planning and strategizing that should be done with the overall design.

Raised Beds – Why Use Them For Gardening?

By using a raised bed enclosure for gardening, you can easily contain the soil at a much higher level which brings a whole variety of benefits. The most important factors can be shown below.

FISKARS PowerGear Lopper

My first impressions of the Lopper were that I had finally found a pair of loppers I could rely on and the more I tested this tool, the more I felt this way. Let’s have a look at a few features.

What’s That Mean? Understanding Gardening Vocabulary Part 4

Quite simply some plants require a little help as they grow because they become top-heavy, that is the top of the plant is heavier than the base or root system can support. In such cases it is helpful to stake them. This means to stick a piece of wood, or metal, or anything else that is strong next to the growing plant and as it grows, tie the new ‘top’ loosely(and this is the key) to the stake.

Discover Which Fertilizer You Need to Grow Big, Juicy Tomatoes

We all want to grow the biggest and juiciest tomatoes we can especially after putting in all that effort to get them growing. There are a few keys we need to get right to achieve this. Our plant needs sunlight, water, support and nutrients. Selecting the right fertilizer for tomatoes can go a long way to giving your plant all the nutrients it needs for the entire growing season.

Thoughts on Offering Herbs For Profit

Growing herb gardens for profit is quite easy provided you are truly committed. You must treat it like you would any business, dedicating as much time as you can to ensure the best return on your efforts. Like any other business the time and effort put into your business will pay well over time. I hope the following suggestions will help you to get your herb business up and running making you a very nice profit.

Creating Your Own Butterfly Garden

Would you like to see more beautiful butterflies fluttering around your yard? This can be achieved by providing the plants that both caterpillars like to eat and plants the adult butterflies enjoy as well. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Waterwise Gardening

With water being a very precious resource in Australia, people need to become increasingly aware of just how much water their garden is using and how much they need to survive. Australian dams are running close to all-time lows. It is pivotal that people take water needs into account when planning and maintaining any garden.

How to Succeed in Growing Container Tomatoes, Choosing the Right Variety And the Benefits

Growing tomatoes in containers great for those with lack of garden space but also has some added benefits. I will share with you how to start the right way for best results and choosing the right variety.

The Steps to Take When Planting Tomato Seeds

Home gardeners take great delight in growing tomatoes from seeds, especially their own that that they have cultivated and saved from the previous year. It is not only easy to do, but it is a joy to see the young seedlings rise through the soil. Watching the development of your own tomatoes from seed keeps many an avid gardener coming back for more year after year.

Ways to Draw Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Would you like to turn your garden into a hangout for hummingbirds? If so, there are some very easy things you can do to make it happen!

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