Planting The Hayracks

Growing Your Own Basil

There is just something so refreshing about knowing that you did something to produce the food you eat. The element of care and love seems to almost make the taste sweeter or richer, and there is great satisfaction in the consumption of food you produced yourself. People all over the nation are now turning to backyard or community gardens, and are finding not only a great resource of fresh herbs and vegetables, but also a healthy, unifying place for work and hobby. If you are also thinking about growing your own basil, consider some of these helpful tips.

The Nature Of Squirrels and Bird Feeders

Lots of people like to feed birds that visit their yard, and if you have visited any type of garden store in search of one, you will soon realise there are plenty to choose from. Once you’ve decided on the feeder you want, brought it home and set it up in your garden, you may see that it’s not only attracting birds, but squirrels too. The problem is that squirrels like bird feeders too.

A Potting Bench Is an Excellent Idea!

A potting bench is a must for those who love to garden. It makes for a comfortable place to work.

Compost Maintenance: Aeration and Moisture Control

Compost care is getting ready to get ready. The weather here in Arizona is warming up and our green thumb is starting to itch. It’s time to GARDEN!!

Growing Grapes on Trellis: Secrets on How to Grow Grapes on Trellis

Building trellis is essential in growing grapes. If you are a learned grape grower I am sure you would love to read more about different ways on building your trellis effectively. The best thing to know about growing grapes on trellis and the system you would apply is that by deciding what variety of grape vine you will cultivate.

Choosing a Garden Hutch or Shed

A garden hutch or shed is a good way to organize your outdoor gardening equipment. It is a place to keep everything is one spot and protected from the elements.

Attracting Garden Birds With Feeding

Providing food for garden birds is one of the best ways to encourage beautiful wildlife into your very own backyard. Whilst birds can easily forage for food themselves, offering a nutritious source of sustenance for them is a brilliant way to help your local feathered friends. Giving them a low energy way of finding food, once a source is established it will become known by many of the birds in the area, becoming an important landmark in their environment much like water holes are wildlife hotspots in areas such as the Serengeti.

The Thrill of the Pursuit for Plants

Plants are expensive and, with the economy, our wallets may be tighter than usual and it may feel frivolous to pay full price for plants at our local home improvement store. Don’t be discouraged….The pursuit and chasing after plants is like a treasure hunt to see how low we can pay for healthy and gorgeous plants.

Garden Bulbs – Add Carefree Color and Interest to Your Flowerbeds

If you’re looking for a simple way to bring color and beauty to your garden, then you’ll want to look closely at garden bulbs. These plants return each year, and with age become more plentiful and beautiful. Even better, garden bulbs are nearly carefree, so you get a lot to show for your effort!

How Homemade Compost Will Benefit Your Organic Herb Garden

Homemade compost is worth the effort. Learn to use compost to aid in the health of your organic herb garden.

Quick and Simple Zucchini Growing Guide

The zucchini is a type of plant that belongs to the squash family. It is also alternatively known as summer squash or courgette. Zucchini can exist in many colours such as green or light or yellow and generally look like a ridged cucumber.

Mulch Types

One of the best things you can do for your garden and landscape is to spread a layer of mulch over the exposed soil surfaces to save you time and energy. Mulch will help you conserve water, by retaining moisture in the soil. It additionally serves as a fantastic way to prevent weeds from growing in your landscape beds.

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