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Why a Mini Greenhouse Can Be a Good Investment

A mini greenhouse has many of the advantages a full sized greenhouse offers, with less investment. If you have limited space, or need a supplemental space in some seasons, then a mini structure can be the answer. Learn about the types available, and the variety of ways you can use a small or mini-greenhouse structure.

Gardening Roses Is Easy

If you are like most everyone else who has a garden, you love to have the beauty and fragrance of roses in amongst your other plantings. Roses are a hearty and beautiful plant to have in your flower garden or yard. Even though they seem intimidating, gardening roses is easy.

The Bonsai Redwood Tree Care Guide

There are two main types of bonsai redwood trees – the Wellingtonia and the California Redwood. To notice the difference between these two trees, it is best to look at the leaves.

Caring For Roses – Made Easy

Caring For Roses is straight forward and simple just as it is for your other plants in your yard or garden. If you are unsure about any step in the process of caring for your roses, don’t hesitate to ask questions of your local nursery personnel or even a neighbor.

Best Method of Growing a Star Jasmine Vine – Follow These Tips For Maximum Foliage and Blooms

The star jasmine vine is a great choice for covering a bare fence, climbing the side of a home or large tree. Some gardeners grow the plant in a container allowing it to fall over the sides.

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Home Vegetable Garden

If left unattended and taken care of, raccoons in your area can wreak havoc in your home vegetable garden and who can blame them? You are providing a smorgasbord of edible foods. Here are some solutions you can start trying today.

Organic Composting at Home

Our organic gardens are our food supply, but they also a play area and learning environment for kids and pets. It is why we need to learn organic composting at home from experts.

Tips For Growing Fantastic Tomatoes!

Let’s face it, almost everyone loves the idea of having freshly picked tomatoes especially as part of their summer diet. And this is why growing tomatoes seems to be on everyone’s list nowadays. Red or yellow, there are various types of tomatoes to choose from: from cherry to beefsteak to grape to plum to round slicing to heirloom varieties.

Fertilizing a Bonsai Tree

There is a strong misconception amongst many non professional growers that the act of feeding your bonsai and the act of fertilization are the same, not true. Real food for the bonsai come in the forms of water and carbon dioxide. The plants convert these two elements into sugar and carbohydrates. Both of these help the plant to prosper. Fertilizer on the other hand is more like vitamins for the plant. A quality fertilizer for your bonsai will have three components, Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.

Cabbage Growing – The Green Ones

Green Cabbage is a good source of vitamins A, C and B, plus being also of value as a fiber source. They are a cool weather vegetable and can be grown in winter – so planting time: autumn for winter / spring harvest; and in spring for a summer/autumn harvest. It hasn’t the most delicious odour when cooking and sometimes suffers for that.

Artificial Lights and Your Houseplants

Plants, like human have basic necessity in order to thrive and survive, the basic elements needed for plants are water, light, and soil. Although houseplants are being planted in house, it’s basic necessity does not differ much from those that are being planted out in the open.

Organic Compost – Toxins Versus Toxicants

According to the latest news from San Francisco, 20 tons of free bags labeled “organic biosolids compost” actually contained sewage sludge. By contributing some toxic ingredients into composting process we multiply poisonous substances to the unknown extend. Learn about organic compost to avoid free poisoning.

Organic Gardening For a Better Garden and Healthier Produce!

Organic gardening is catching on. People are starting to realize that organic produce is healthier and tastes better. But how do you get started with an organic garden?

Earthworm Digestive System – A Vital Part of the Anatomy of an Earthworm

How does the earthworm digestive system works? Believe it or not the earthworm do have a system to grind and digest its food.This long and tiny little creature has been created in such a way to adapt in search for food and feed underground.

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