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How to Use Mulch-Wood Chips Around Your Vegetable Garden!

If you decide to use mulch or wood chips around your garden then you have made a wise choice. Using these materials around vegetable plants will benefit your garden in several ways.

Quick Step to Beautiful Herb Garden Designs

Herb garden designs are not offered as a degree program in any college or university I know of. Fortunately, that isn’t needed. You can learn everything you need to know on this website and other good ones out there. You will succeed after you learn some simple principles.

Build Your Own Upside Down Tomato Planter!

You have seen the topsy turvy planter advertised on television. But you can get as good and typically better results by creating your own, larger upside down tomato planter. This article will tell you how to create your planter and the advantages of growing tomatoes this way.

When and How to Harvest Potatoes!

Many people are unsure of when is the correct time to harvest potatoes and how they are best harvested. Read this article to see how simple harvesting potatoes really is!

Build Your Own Pole Bean Tepee!

Building a tepee for your pole beans to grow up is a fun and space saving method of growing these delicious vegetables. Follow the steps below to create your own pole bean tepee!

How to Harvest and Dry Parsley!

Harvesting and drying your own parsley is very simple to do and assures that you will have homegrown parsley all winter long. I use the parsley from my garden to re-fill my dried parsley spice container and I can taste the difference. Here is how to do it.

The Greenhouse, Vegetables and Fruit in Late July

In the greenhouse start feeding the chrysanthemums as soon as the final pots are filled with roots. Disbud the earlies and spray overhead with water at the end of hot days. Mulch plants and water generously, applying nitrogenous feeds to prevent stems hardening.

Late July in the Garden and the House

When feeding dahlias keep the fertilizer away from the top roots and stems. The fact is some gardeners like to top-dress the plants lightly with lawn mowings to keep the moisture in the soil, and this is no bad thing providing the lawn hasn’t been treated recently with weedkiller etc. Layer border carnations as soon as suitable growths appear.

Your Greenhouse, Vegetables, Fruits and Lawncare in Mid July

In the greenhouse there are always things to be done. The grand Regal or Washington pelargoniums should be cut back after flowering. Plants from spring cuttings will benefit if pots are plunged in ashes in the garden in a sunny spot: they must be brought back to the greenhouse before danger of frost.

Outdoors and Indoors in the Middle of May

As we move gently into the third quarter of May a late planting of summer-flowering bulbs is possible in gardens well protected from autumn winds. Biennials can be sown, and popular flowers are double daisies, Canterbury bells, foxgloves, forget-me-nots, honesty, sweet williams and wallΒ­flowers. If there is a flower-arranger in the family, a packet-collection of flowers chosen for this specific purpose, that includes summer and dried winter decorations, should be sown.

Uncover the Secrets to Creative Fresh Herb Gardening

Need some gardening fun in your life? Consider fresh herb gardening. One of the simplest (and easiest) forms of gardening is growing herbs. If you consider yourself a gardening beginner you can quickly discover how to easy growing fresh herbs really is.

Why Choose a Grow Box Over a Grow Tent?

There are several benefits of buying a hydroponic grow box over a grow tent. This short article will expound about the distinction between a grow box and a grow tent for the benefit of those who are not expecting the differences between both. You can be knowledgeable in regards to the pros and cons of those two growing spaces after going through this guide.

Zero Turn Lawnmower

The zero turn lawnmower is like a front loading tractor. The rear wheels turn separately without turning the body of the mower. This sort of movement enables the mower to move completely around and work in places that would not be possible with a push lawnmower.

How Often Shall I Water Or Feed My House Plants?

“How often shall I water or feed my house plant?” is the question most often asked by beginning indoor gardeners. The correct answer, “That depends…” is not so satisfying as a rule-of-thumb reply like “once a week” might be, but it’s the only accurate advice that can be given for house plants.

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