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What Is Alternative Gardening?

Many of us who think of gardening organically, seem to have images of bearded human warriors who will dedicate their whole life to working on their vegetable gardens. This maybe a great way for someone to live, but for the average person, this maybe quite impossible. Especially when you work in the factors such as having job, and having a mortgage to pay off.

Organic Garden Tips: 5 Unconventional Ways To Find Space

One of the biggest problems for most organic gardeners is finding space. You just have to think outside the box, and in more than one dimension.

Crocus In The Garden

Crocus are perennial flowers that are rather short between 3″ to 6″ tall. One of the early bloomers in the spring they have a buttercup shaped flower that is usually blue, purple, yellow, or white.

What Is The Problem With Traditional Vegetable Gardening?

Traditional vegetable gardens, unfortunately require a lot of work, and quite a fair bit of attention to it as well. It requires you to weed, feed it and you also need to stick to a strict scheduling for planting. You may also have to allow the beds to rest in certain seasons, especially during the cooler months.

What’s Better, Well Water Or Rainwater for Your Garden?

If your well water tests high in iron you may want to harvest rainwater for your plants. Plants get their nutrients from the minerals in the soil and water they are provided.

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Basics

In this article you will find some of the advantages of a raised bed vegetable garden. To summarize: it is much more comfortable to spend time in such a garden, it is much easier to spot a weed or a pest, it consumes less water while it is better watered, the roots of the plants feel much better in a well aerated soil, you use the high quality soil only for your plants and not for your path.

Are You Interested In Vegetable Gardening

The one affair that’s vitally crucial in vegetable gardening is the garden arrangement. There’s no individual design that can function for every garden due to the varied circumstances. One common way to set up a vegetable garden is to plant vegetables requiring restricted space together, such as radishes, cabbage, beetroot, and spinach, and those that need more room together, such as maize, pumpkins, and potato.

Why You Must Start Vegetable Gardening Today

Vegetable gardening has recently become equally popular as going to the grocery store for fresh groceries.Β  Veggie gardening will create vegetables that are generally lower priced than shop bought, and veggies from your home vegetable garden will definitely taste a lot better. Vegetable horticulture is no different than producing herbs or flowers and whenever the right steps are practiced and the plants are give the appropriate care they’ll thrive and grow into mouth-watering vegetables.

Choosing the Right Grass For Your Lawn

Many homeowners consider a beautiful grass lawn one of the pleasures of owning a home. But what type to choose. With so many choices in the marketplace, the typical homeowner is confused about which species of grass to buy.

Your Guide to Home Hydroponics

Growing herbs through hydroponics is something that many households have gotten involved in. Hydroponics is a form of growing that is set aside from traditional growing because it does not include the use of soil and requires relatively small amounts of space.

Parsley Growing Tips – Learn How To Grow Italian and Curly Leaf Parsley

Get some great tips and tricks to growing curly and flat leaf parsley. Learn the best way to collect and grow your parsley seeds.

How to Maintain Your Green Roof

Whether you have chosen an intensive or extensive green roof depends on whether you choose in perform intensive maintenance on the intensive roof or more moderate maintenance on the extensive roof. Which ever roof you have chosen it will still require some attention or it could simply die a slow death. The amount of maintenance you have to perform also depends on how diligent you were when the roof was designed.

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