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Some Interesting Ideas For Your Garden

Few gardeners are satisfied with merely having flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns in their garden. Even the smallest of gardens can be given some additional character and appeal by adding one or more of the following features.

Buy Cheap Grass Seed to Beautify Your Lawn

For many home owners and garden enthusiasts, maintaining and growing a lawn is of up most importance especially as it provides a green like carpet to their home and makes their gardens livelier. A garden without some form of lawn is not really a garden. While there are many different types of grass that gardeners and home owners can use, the price can affect which type an owner uses for their garden.

Home Garden Plans – Much to Know About the Soil For Garden

A spadeful of soil for garden may look very simple, innocuous substance. But it is, in fact, of such enormous complexity that it is doubtful if mankind will ever fully understand it. First of all, if it is good soil, it is filled with life. In every teaspoonful of soil there are millions of bacteria – bacteria of numerous species as well as algae, microscopic animals, the mycelium of fungi, and viruses. In larger quantities of good soil you are sure to find worms and the larvae of numerous beetles and other insects. It has been calculated that there are from five to ten tons of living matter in every acre of soil.

Flowering Shrubs – Are They the Best Choice For Your Yard?

The major pros and cons of using flowering shrubs in your landscaping. Info you need to help you set up a garden that you will be happy with for years to come, saving you time and money.

Gardening and Different Climate Zones – Information For Your Vegetable Garden Planting

If you grow only the crops that grow indigenously in your climate zone and stick to these home garden plans, you will not suffer many losses due to climate, nor will you have to protect your plants from the weather. But of course gardeners don’t do this. Quite rightly they like a varied diet so they push their luck, and try to grow the more succulent and tasty crops farther north or south than the plants really want to grow.

The 2 Things Your Louisiana Lawn Must Have!

Louisiana North Shore soils have a high percentage of clay making them very hard and compacted. This makes it difficult for water, fertilizers, root systems and air to penetrate into the soil. This compaction of the soil also contributes to buildup of thatch.

Start a Worm Farm and Reduce Your Household Waste Disposal by Up to 40% (& It’s the Best Fertilizer)

If you’re thinking of starting a worm farm, firstly, let me tell you that this is a fantastic idea. Worm farms are known as one of the best fertilizers for your garden and you can even use the worms as bait if you enjoy fishing. An interesting fact is that they can also reduce your household waste disposal by up to 40%.

How I Got My Thirteen Year Old Daughter to Mow the Lawn

Goes without saying I have a thirteen year old girl. Like most teens it is tough to get them to do anything.

Flowering Shrubs – The Meaning of Sleep, Creep, Leap in the Gardening World

Sleep, creep, leap is a term commonly used in the landscaping world, but not often understood by the average person. Knowing the meaning can save a new gardener from significant aggravation.

Backyard Beekeeping – Three Alternative Hives

Backyard beekeeping is growing in popularity. And for those interested in becoming honeybee backyard farmers, consider the following alternative hives that have several advantages over the heavy and sometimes unclean conventional honeybee hive.

How to Stay Healthy Longer

Eat food that is grown organically, it is better for your overall health to grow your own food and eat fresh. However, whether you grow it, purchase it from an Eco Farmer or organic store; at a minimum, once per day, eat a fruit, vegetable or herb that was grown free of chemicals.

A Wheelbarrow Full of Gherkins

It’s pickling time. If you enjoy pickling or have to preserve your own produce, this is the season for it.As an Ex Farmer’s Wife I had ample opportunity to fill my larder with preserves, among them sweet an sour gherkins. If your crop is only a few pounds at a time, it’s easy to deal with within a few hours. But a wheel barrow load full?

Bulbs, Tubers, Corms and Rhizomes

Bulbs are a large group of flowers that produce beautiful displays year after year and require little care. Plant your bulbs in the fall before a deep frost hardens the ground. In the fall, to avoid the danger of pests, such as mice, clean all areas of the lawn and garden of waste. Now you can rest and relax for a while until you are ready to start this procedure all over again.

Going Organic – Making the Switch to Environmentally Friendly Gardening Products

By the very definition of organic gardening, you must first stop all use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. There are green, organic fertilizers and pesticides that you can buy.

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