Polytunnel Garden Introduction

Tips to Identify and Improve Clay Soils

Low quality soils can be frustrating and difficult to plant in, and clay is one of the worst. Though it’s not hard to identify and improve your clay soils, read on to find out how.

Galaxy Grow-Amp Electronic HID Ballast 400W-1000W, 902220

Powering the light for your garden is a choice you must make if you want your plants to grow, obviously. While you have plenty of ballasts available to you, it is not always easy to make a decision. Lumatek and Sun System offer some products that may help, but you need an option that is effective and suitable to your specific and changing needs. The Galaxy Grow-Amp Electronic HID Ballast is that option. It offers great performance and several features that make it a valuable addition to your indoor garden. Since it is switchable and you can select a watt, you can make sure it matches whatever you have. This increases the chance of your garden growing healthily, producing better results. It does all of this with ease and fits into your life without a problem.

Plants for March

March in the garden and spring is beginning to get underway. This means that adding colour to the garden becomes a lot easier. From spring bulbs to shrubs and perennials here are some ideas on what to plant in March.

Save Trees for Today and Tomorrow

Do you have a pesky tree that is blocking your view? Perhaps, you have a tree that is losing too many leaves and you no longer feel like picking up the leaves. No matter what your tree problem is, there is hope for you. There are services that can be hired that will chop down your trees, trim your hedges and trees, and will take care of all the extra tree related issues that may arise. Never fear, employ an arborist today.

What Plants to Choose for Your Low Maintenance Garden

While gardening is a satisfying pastime, it can also be a time consuming one. We’re not all free to work on our gardens constantly, so here are a few low-maintenance ideas to start you off.

Flower Gardening – Simple and Fun

It is very simple to start flower gardening. It is not only inexpensive but also full of fun, and done for several reasons such as, yard decoration, as a hobby, or as a profession.

Ultra Sun 1000 Watt MH Horticultural Lamp 10,000 K 901544

As we have seen a huge increase in the hydroponic gardening and growing industry, so have we seen the same kind of increase and demand for the indoor Sunlight Supply. Many types of bulbs are available today including the Metal Halide, Ultra Sun lamp; at 1000 watts these lamps produce 10,000 Kelvin. Metal Halide lamps were first produced back in the Sixties to increase efficiency over those used at the time. They are similar to Mercury Vapor lamps but contain additional Metal Halide compounds to increase their efficiency. Metal Halide lamps have only a moderate life expectancy of 6000 to 15000 hrs and require a ballast control with several minutes of warm-up time to reach full brightness. At 10,000 Kelvin these bulbs would be consider to be in the Blue light spectrum and actually whiter than normal sunlight which is around 5600 Kelvin.

Starting an Herb Garden in Containers or in Ground Gardens

A herb garden can be started with ease in the comfort of your home. You can choose to grow your herbs in pots or containers placed along the windowsills of your kitchen or an in ground garden outside.

How To Have A Successful Garden While Adapting To Change

Whether you are an experienced pro or a new gardener one thing you will need  to have a successful garden is an ability to adapt to change. While you as a gardener have the ability to control many things in the garden like fertilizer, soil conditions, crops, and varieties there are some things which are out of your control.

Varieties of Heirloom Tomato Seeds for Sustainable Gardens

Traditional heirloom tomato seeds are beneficial to gardeners wishing to create a sustainable lifestyle as well as those who simply wish to enjoy delicious flavor from their own garden. Many of the available seeds are hybrids, which revert to a parent plant when saved for planting the following year. Planning a sustainable garden includes the use of seeds which will provide for years to come, similar to the way our ancestors lived.

Storage House: Why Do You Need One?

It’s time to rethink and invest on a well built and well insulate storage house to carry your home gardening ideas to the next plane of maturity. Cool and green, lush and colorful your small pop up greenhouse is indeed the best place to enjoy your cup of coffee while planting flowers, caring seeds or enjoying the sound of rain.

The Secret to a Great Lawn: Aeration, Top Dress, Overseed

Is your yard looking lackluster as lately? This is the best way to get your lawn looking amazing again by using core aeration, top dressing and overseeding.

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