Potting Ranunculus and Anemones and Pre-Sprouting Dahlias! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒธ // Garden Answer

4 Steps to Making Compost in the Ground – A Beginners Guide to Trench Composting

There are many ways to make compost. Typical green brown composts are made either in a compost bin or a heap on the ground.

Don’t Spend a Small Fortune on a Compost Spreader For a Small Area

Cost is a big factor when you want to purchase a compost spreader. If you have a large area to cover you might want to get an expensive motorized unit.

Tips in Propagating Magnolia Plants

Of all the methods applied to propagate magnolias, the most reliable process is air layering. The process involves cutting into the stem of a magnolia plant then wrapping the cut portion in sphagnum moss and keeping the air-layered magnolia consistently moist till roots sprout on the upper part of the stem. The rooted stem is then ready to be potted, then, once established, is then transplanted to the garden.

Organic Gardening Pest Control Checklist

A simple checklist when patrolling your garden in a search for a cure to your pest problem. Organic methods of pest and disease control in your garden.

Best Method For Growing Codiaeum Variegatum – Follow These Tips For Bright Colored Foliage

The Codiaeum variegatum is native to Pacific islands and Malay Peninsula. Its leaves have a wax like feel, grow upward, and have multi-colored shades. This tropical plant is a real beauty.

Kitchen Container Garden – Think Small

If you don’t have space for a large kitchen garden, think creatively– try a kitchen container garden. It may be possible to grow a small selection that combines the ornamental with the tasty.

Drying Herbs – Hang ’em High

Drying herbs is pretty simple. The majority of herbs can be dried by the simplest of all drying methods: hanging upside down. Through the years this technique of dehydration has been and still is the traditional way to dry plants.

Best Growing Tomatoes – Why Would You Want to Grow Your Tomatoes Upside Down?

There is nothing quite like plucking a ripe tomato from the garden and eating it right then and there. But, why would you want to grow your tomatoes upside down? Well, if you are a tomato lover and trying to produce the best growing tomatoes possible, you have undoubtedly heard about this increasingly popular method of growing your own tomatoes.

Orchid Growing – Beginner’s Tips For All!

Orchid growers have to face a lot of troubles to produce pleasing flowers. All orchid growers need to maintain a favorable environment for ensuring the complicated growth processes of the orchid plants. The process includes a series of activities such as maintenance of balance, watering, planning, taking acre of pests and weeds etc.

Plan a Butterfly Garden

We hear a lot about “going green” and organic gardening, but the reasons given are sometimes broad terms, like “save the environment” or “preserve the ozone.” These are very wonderful goals from a generalist view.

Expert Tips For Watering Hanging Baskets

Proper watering is crucial to get the best and longest lasting hanging baskets. Getting the balance right is easier said than done as hanging baskets are sensitive to the amount and frequency of watering. This how to guide looks at what type of water to use, how much water to use, how to water during summer and winter and using water-retaining gels.

Growing Organic Strawberries For Your Home and Family

If you choose to grow strawberries, then you pick the right choice to add in to your home garden. Around 30 strawberry plants is enough to provide for a family of four. You can grow strawberries as a landscape ornamental, ground cover or even in a traditional bed.

Tiny Steps to Your Own Strawberry Garden

If you stay in a house where you do not have access to a big garden but still would like to plant some things, then going for organic strawberry in a pot is your best choice. Those pots are usually made out of clay, and you can find them in a lot of size and shapes. Starters I leave the place to purchase the pots to you.

The Top Three John Deere Lawn Tractors

John Deere is one of the well know company that produces lawn mowers and tractors. If you are looking for John Deere lawn tractors, there are top three models that you should consider. All three tractors have basic features that will help you in cleaning and shearing your lawn.

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