Potting Shed Window Box

What Makes a Fertilizer Organic?

Fertilizers may be grouped into two major categories: chemical or synthetic fertilizers, and organic fertilizers. So what is the main difference between these two types? Here is what makes a fertilizer organic.

Why Would Birds Stay In Your Yard?

People are always asking me how I get some many birds, and different species of birds to come to my yard. It easy really but first let me explain it in a way that will make it easy to understand.

What Are the Differences Between a Temporary and a Permanent Greenhouse?

A temporary greenhouse is typically one you put up during your winter months for protection of tender plants. You should not have to do any ground preparation with these models. They may have a steel frame or a pole frame, but the covering is usually some type of film.

Greenhouse Multiwall Polycarbonate – Just What Do All of These Numbers Mean to Me?

OK, you have search long and hard and think you came up with the perfect solution on which polycarbonate sheet to use for your homemade greenhouse. Now you have found a chart with words that look Greek to you. Just what are all those numbers and will it really make a difference to you?

Flower Box For Gardening and Decorating

Hanging baskets are certainly for decorative plants. But we may try to figure out some plants that can be used for decoration as well as for personal consumption.

The Nutritional Benefits of Sprouts

In this article, I will be sharing with my readers more information about sprouts and what these little baby plants can offer you.  Sprouts are extremely easy to grow, can be available to consume very quickly, and contain more nutrients per volume than their grown-up versions of themselves.  Knowing how to grow sprouts, and what each different kind can offer you, will be vital knowledge to have in your noggin if you were to every find yourself in a survival situation where you must grow your own food.

New Luck and Good Fortune for 2011

It has been proven that a harmonious and lovely home can influence one’s perception towards life. Everything starts from there. From dusk until dawn, your day surely starts and ends at your place – your home.

Ornamental Plants for Flower Boxes

Flower box or flower window box is the rectangular bed garden box that can be either placed on a patio or uniquely installed in our window sills. With its rectangular feature, choosing varieties of flowering annuals could be a great option, since these plants have seasonal flowering bloom and could last for a year.

How To Find a Good Bonsai Pot

When you are looking for a good pot for your bonsai trees you need to remember what the plant needs. Bonsai pots are typically short and wide. This design allows the roots of the plant to grow outward rather than straight up and down, which benefits the trees short stature.

Why Grow Your Own Sprouts?

There are many benefits to growing and consuming sprouts.  In this article, I’ll cover a handful of the most important benefits, in an effort to help you see why growing sprouts is a great idea.  Even if you don’t actively grow sprouts now, having the knowledge to know how to grow them may really come in handy if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need food quick and you don’t have a lot of space.

How to Choose the Best Bonsai Pots

The art of bonsai would always require the proper bonsai pots. The growing popularity of the art of bonsai also gave birth to a whole lot of accessories to choose from.

How To Do Organic Gardening – For Beginners

Chemicals and pesticides spoil and harm our fruit and vegetables. So why not grow your own, chemical free. Here’s how to do organic gardening for beginners.

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