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Six Reasons You Need a Garden Storage Bench

Even if you have already added a decorative bench to your grounds, you may want to consider including a Garden Storage Bench because of its many additional advantages. A storage bench can provide extra seating, security, convenience, workspace and beauty to your garden, deck or patio.

Can You Make More of Your Garden?

If you’re wondering whether you could enjoying your garden more, then perhaps you’ve already got some ideas as to what you want to do. If you’re not sure, or are looking for inspiration, then here’s how you can make the most of your garden.

What Garden Furniture Do You Need?

Want to spend more time in the garden? Want to eat outdoors? Want to enjoy an afternoon in the sun? Find out which garden furniture you really need.

Three Components to Proper Orchid Care

Most people think that caring for orchids is a difficult and time consuming task that is reserved only for the rich. This is a serious misconception. The truth is that there are over 25,000 species and more than 100,000 hybrids of orchids. The abundance of orchid types makes it possible for anyone to find an orchid that will fit their lifestyle, resources, and level of skill as a horticulturist.

Orchid Information Tips and Advice For Growing Orchids

Orchid information for growing beautiful orchids at home. FREE tips and advice.Orchids have been around since the time of dinosaurs, over 120 million years. The orchid family is the largest flowering plant family in the world. There are over 35,000 species and hundreds of thousands of hybrids.

The Incredibly Diverse World of Orchids

One would be hard pressed to find a group of plants with more diversity than the Orchid family. They grow all around the world and are far more than “just a flower”. This article explores some of the extremes of the orchid world and why they are such an interesting plant to learn about.

Petrol Garden Shredder For a Waste Free Garden

If you don’t want to show mercy to your garden wastes, you should buy a petrol garden shredder. Let’s face it. You’ll really see a lot of garden wastes and debris if you’re really serious about gardening. So how are you going to dispose them? With a shredder, that’s not a problem anymore.

Mulching and Weed Control

There are many benefits to mulching the newly planted tree or shrub with organic matter. It smothers the ground, preventing weed seeds from germinating and getting established. It also prevents water evaporation from the soil, helping to conserve soil moisture. As it is incorporated into the ground by soil living creatures, such as earthworms, it helps improve the soil structure and releases valuable plant nutrients as it decomposes.

Growing Potatoes is Easy

Even if you don’t have a large area you can grow a few potatoes in pots. A potato can grow in any type of soil, it can also grow in multi-purpose compost.

Deals on Gardening Supplies Helps Cut Food Costs

Modern day home gardeners who don’t mind getting a little dirt under their fingernails and who also have a steady supply of fresh fruits and vegetables are seemingly on the lookout for good gardening supplies. Where they go to shop will depend on the type of gardening supplies needed. Whether it is fertilizers, pesticides, products for weed control or seeds for the next crop, home gardeners are constantly on the look out for new things to try.

The Great British Shed

For as far as I can remember, the garden shed has been a mainstay of the British garden. Of course, I am referring to wooden garden sheds, which are much better looking than those metal sheds that are available. Talk of aluminium sheds and plastic storage boxes is an alien concept to an old-school gardener like me!

Orchid Information

Orchids have quickly turned out to be, in my opinion the most beloved house plant today. There are countless diverse species of orchids which are found naturally and there seems to be a growing number of hybrids.

Build a Greenhouse Cheap – An Easy Approach

If you’re like most folks then the prospect of spending a bunch of money on a backyard greenhouse probably isn’t the most attractive proposition. The good news is, you don’t have to, in fact you can build a greenhouse cheap with a little elbow grease and a proper set of plans.

Growing Ferns at Home

In most cases, ferns are used as ornamental plants in many gardens primarily to add lush foliage since these plants are not of the flower-bearing variety. However, many of the 12,000 species of ferns are also used for food in vegetable salads as well as for the remediation of contaminated soil.

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