Protein as Fertiliser

Designing Your Garden Layout

When deciding about your garden furniture sets, it always helps to have some kind of basic plan in mind. This means either making lists or putting together a plan or a map so that you know what you want where. As this is only a tentative decision, it helps you get a clearer picture in your mind of what can and should go where.

Vegetable Garden Design – What to Consider

Creating your own vegetable garden is not difficult but there are some basics to be aware of as you work on your design. A little time spent planning in the beginning ensures a successful crop at harvest.

Hosta Julia

Hosta Julia is a medium sized plant. It has green leaves with a cream margin. This plant can be planted in the shade or in the sun.

How to Plant a Hanging Basket

A how to guide on planting your own hanging basket. This guide covers using hanging basket liners and compost, the benefits of slow release fertiliser and water retaining gel and, finally, how to space the plants to get the best effect.

Must Know Advantages of Greenhouses

Greenhouse is one of the most efficient ways of producing the crops and plants with total control over their production. This gives you the freedom to grow any crop at time of the year irrespective of the season or climatic conditions.

Effective and Efficient Irrigation

Every gardener knows that irrigation is the key to success. Different plants require different amounts of water during the various seasons of the year and with an eye on conservation, keeping your water use to a minimum is a both financial sound and responsible.

All About Nurturing the Crops in Your Greenhouse

Greenhouse is one of the best places that create perfect environment for cultivating delicate plants and crops. This is one of the best places that gives perfect retreat during excessive cold or sizzling heat.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Greeenhouse

Greenhouses are available in various styles, sizes and materials and depending upon the requirements, they should be chosen. This online guide will help you to find vital information about various greenhouses.

Timed Planting – Experiment Your Way to a Successful Pest Control Method

Timed planting needs a plan to be successful. Learn from your past planting and harvesting times to succeed. this method of pest control can be very beneficial in your organic gardening practices.

Hosta Janet

Hosta Janet is a medium sized Hosta with chartreuse leaves which have a green margin. The chartreuse leaves change to white as the season progresses. This is a beautiful perennial that will brighten any garden spot.

The Unwanted Guest – Tent Caterpillars

These pesky little caterpillars set up camp in the notches of your trees and often stay the duration on the spring and sometimes into the beginning of summer. Tent caterpillars are members of the moth family and can be found ranging in habitat from North America down to Mexico.

Fresh Herb Gardening – A Hobby to Choose

Are you providing a nutritious food in your family? Are you aware that there is a source of a wholesome food that you can provide to your family in a least expensive and money saving process?

When Growing Hanging Tomato Plants, What Varieties of Tomatoes Are Best Suited?

Great information on growing hanging tomato plants around your house. What type of varieties are best suited for growing upside down tomatoes and how to care for the plants.

Start Worm Composting Today

If you currently don’t do any kind of composting you might want to consider the benefits to both you and our planet. We produce a huge amount of organic waste, and it just keeps growing. If everyone would help do a little in our own homes and turn it into healthy nutritious compost then we are all doing a decent thing for this earth. Even if you live in a tiny apartment and don’t have any plants you could still compost your waste and become part of the solution.

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