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What Are The Advantages of Spray Colorant Lawn Treatment?

Spray colorant treatment for grass has been receiving a fair amount of media attention lately because of the increasing costs of lawn watering, poor housing market and the frequent droughts making landscaping in San Antonio and surrounding areas costly. The cities that have a large number of foreclosures are bringing more demand for grass colorant treatment in an effort to increase the curb appeal and the perceived value of the vacant properties.

Pruning Knockout Roses – Understanding the Basics

Knockout roses have been deemed the “dream rose” by many rose growers both young and old. They are the most disease resistant variety of roses on this planet. This specific rose variety comes in a selection of colors mainly fire-engine red in the winter months to cherry red during the summer. They also have better tolerance when it comes to dealing with the dry season as compared to the other breeds. If you do not trim your knockout roses they can grow to up to more than 3 to 4 feet in width and 3 to 4 feet in height. To keep them at a manageable size you need to prune them regularly.

Plantable Seeds

Plantable seeds are now being placed inside paper, therefore making plantable seed paper! The reason it is being put into paper is you can create different projects with the seeded paper and then plant them in the ground or potting container. It is a rather clever idea for whoever invented this practical gift.

Wiring Tips For Your Bonsai Tree

The art of bonsai is all about shaping small trees into intricate forms, mimicking nature. Beyond trimming and pruning, wiring is an important part of the shaping process, and this article will show you how.

Growing Concord Grapes – A Versatile Variety

The Concord grape is probably one of the most popular choices of grape varieties for gardeners. This variety is very aromatic, dark blue or purple in color, has big seeds, and is quite sweet. Ephraim Wales Bull developed the Concord variety way back in 1849. He researched a wild grape variety seen in Concord, Massachusetts – and that is where the name for these grapes originated.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care and The 6 Things You Need to Monitor

There are six things you must monitor to maintain proper phalaenopsis orchid care, they are the right temperature, just enough light and water, the right kind of fertilizer and the right amount, occasionally repotting, and keeping pests away. Each are briefly written about below.

Plantable Papers

Plantable papers are made from regular colored paper with a special blend or mix of wildflower seeds. The papers are dried in sheets and then recycled. Businesses reuse this paper to cut a variety of shapes, make invitations, or use it just like any regular paper.

How To Grow Successful Grape Vines: Some Tips, Some Secrets

Did you ever want to know how to grow grape vines successfully? Maybe you dream about relaxing drinking a glass of tasty wine you made by yourself?

How to Grow Window Garden

Everyone must want to have a good-looking house with a garden. You will feel refreshed if you look at the green garden and nice fragrance from the beautiful flowers all around your house. Gardening is easy and it can be done by people of all ages.

Great Grape Growing Information

Most of the grapes used today, are used in the making of wine. Only about two percent is used for dried fruit and twenty-seven percent is used for fresh fruit and the other seventy-one percent is used for the purpose of producing wine.

10 Colour Scheme Ideas for Hanging Baskets

This article looks at 10 different ideas for colour schemes in hanging baskets or containers. This will cover the different flowers, plants and herbs which can be used to create different colour schemes and effects.

Gardening Mistakes We Have All Made

Congratulations! You have decided to create your own survival vegetable garden. I would be willing to bet that every person who has ever started a garden has made one of these mistakes at least once or twice.

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