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Best Growing Tomatoes – 6 Tips For Avoiding Sunscald

Gardening can be a very relaxing hobby, and becomes even more satisfying when you are able to eat the fruits of your labor. In the process of learning how to produce the best growing tomatoes possible, you may have wondered what is sunscald and are there any ways to avoid it.

Tomato Staking Tips – Different Methods of Staking Your Tomatoes

Staking tomato plants is a very interesting topic to bring up with your gardening buddies. Home gardeners have quite different views of staking tomato plants so let’s look at why it is done and how it is done.

Steps in Growing Potatoes

Potatoes is good vegetable to plant even in your backyard. You plant the tubers of potatoes underground. Watering your potato plants is important to grow healthy ones.

How to Make a Rose Tree Garden

The nice thing about having a hobby is that you have the say on how much time and effort you can spare based on your commitment and preference. Many types of hobbyist vary in levels of commitment – from being an amateur to being a professional. The same thing applies with rose gardening.

When to Plant and Grow Tomatoes

When is the perfect time is to plant tomatoes? A lot of sites will give you a specific date, like May 5, but unfortunately it isn’t that easy. There are factors you need to take into account!

Creating Your Own Garden Cottage Design

As you all know, when people start talking about gardens, people tend to think about a lot of things such as, a garden gives a person a fresh scenery of green plants and gives you a satisfying memory of the flowers’ scent. The first thing that people think when they hear about country garden cottage design is the English cottage which has a soothing and comfortable effect because it is being surrounded will green lush garden which is full of shrubs that are flowery and plants that are enclosed around…

How to Install Greenhouse Polycarbonate

In my earlier article “What is greenhouse polycarbonate” I discussed the physical characteristics of the material. In this article I will give a brief overview of how to install greenhouse polycarbonate. Most people try to make it too difficult.

The Stupendous Brilliance of Leak Stopping Sprinkler Heads

For people who want their lawns to be dark green and healthy, a lot of fertilizer and a sprinkler is a winning combination. These devices help lawns and other things to grow and bloom much better than nature would do by itself. Having a leak stopping sprinkler heads can be the different between a fine lawn and a great lawn.

Successful Composting Tips – Avoiding a Smelly Pile of Rotting Garbage

Composting is a healthier, more environmentally friendly way to fertilize your garden. Avoid harsh chemicals that are bad for you and the planet by starting your own compost pile. It’s easier than you think!

Tips on Making Your Own Tomato Fertilizer

Many gardeners do not like to feed their precious tomato plants with commercial fertilizers full of chemicals. Is there another option? Yes, there is. Here you will find some great tips, how to easy make your own fertilizer and grow large and juicy tomatoes.

Gardening Information – A Water Feature For Your Garden

When your ready to take your garden to the next level it may be time to add a water feature. Soothing and beautiful fountains, ponds and falls create an exotic mood.

Gardening Information – 5 Tips to Care For Houseplants

House plants can transform your home from a cold drab cave feeling to a bright sunny lived in and inviting refuge. Here are some simple tips for their care.

Prevent Cats Coming Into Your Garden

There are a number of reasons why you may not like cats coming into your garden. They will urinate and defecate all over the garden which is not healthy particularly if you have young children who play in your garden. When they cover their mess they will scratch at soil which and can dig up young plants.

How to Properly Care For Your Orchids

Do you love orchids but don’t quite have that magic touch for keeping them alive? Here are some great tips on how to care for your orchids and keep them looking beautiful.

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