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The Paphiopedilum Orchid

The Paphiopedilum orchid, also called paphs by horticulturist and is commonly referred as The Lady’s Slipper or just as slipper orchids. At present it includes about 80 accepted species with some of them are considered as natural hybrids. Paphiopedilum is native to India, China, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Paphiopedilums are highly collectible orchids and admired by most orchid fanciers and hobbyist. The Lady’s Slipper name arises from the unusual shape of the pouch-like lips (called by labellum) of the orchid flower that resembles a lady’s slipper.

Basic Gardening Equipment for Beginning Gardeners

So, you want to start a garden but you have no idea where you should start. For one, you have to have space to grow your garden, but that is probably something you have or you would not be thinking about doing it. Secondly, you have to know what you want to grow whether it be some type of vegetable garden or perhaps you want to grow flowers.

Make Bonsai Trees of Your Own

Creating your own bonsai is a very fulfilling hobby and one that can be inexpensive and last for a life time. Learning how to make bonsai trees of your own is something anyone can learn to do.

Build a Bird House For a Refreshing Hobby

Bird-watching is such a fun and enjoyable activity for many people. The chirping of birds seem to be music to the ears as they feed and interact with other winged creatures. Freedom is one thing that our little winged friends enjoy.

Fall and Spring Gardening Chores

Save time and get needed chores done now. Winterizing a garden protects it for the next season.

The Pineberry – A New Fruit Rising

The pineberry is gaining acceptance as a novelty fruit in the United Kingdom. Will this new introduction of an old strawberry variety gain traction and become grown in home gardens around the world?

Using Red Worms As Organic Chicken Feed

Aside from being used for composting, one good alternative to making good use of red wiggler worms is to make them into animal feed. You not only get to use these wigglers as fish bait, or as live worm food for different kinds of birds, reptiles and amphibians; you also get to use Red Worms as Organic Chicken Feed. This as chicken food can be a whole and nutrient-packed meal for chickens in particular.

7 Essential Herbs to Have in Your Italian Herb Garden

Ahhh… The joy of Italian cooking. When most people think about delicious Italian food, the dishes that usually come to mind include pasta and pizza.

What to Look For in Bird House Patterns

Birds in flight are a delight to watch. But seeing and hearing them up close is much better. There is something in these little creatures that captivates the human imagination.

Choosing Garden Fence Panels

If you are fortunate enough to have a little bit of ground around your home, you may have considered putting in a garden of some kind since being able to go out and gather fresh vegetables is so enticing. Then you remember the deer. They would pick the garden clean before it even had a chance to grow.

The Ancient History of Flowers

Ancient flowers emerged from green plants hundreds of millions of years ago. Since then they have gone through remarkable changes. In small ways they have also changed the world as we know it. Although we still have a lot to learn about the development of flowering plants over time, what little we do know paints a fascinating picture of a strange and beautiful world ruled by dinosaurs – and flowering plants.

Where and What Orchids to Buy

Where and what orchid are you going to buy are two critical questions that need clear answers before you go to make the purchase. If you have decided and put in all the considerations to buy and care for your first orchid, then the decision where you going to purchase the orchid is also a critical matter.

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