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Sustainable Gardening: Are Changes Needed In Your Backyard Garden?

One of the changes that has begun in green businesses reaching into the agricultural sector, is the process of going green to have sustainable results with either no or positive effects on the environment. While we applaud the business that do so, there are some simple changes that can make our backyards and gardens into sustainable environments as well.

Indoor Gardening – Fake Plants Don’t Count

Setting fake trees or plants around the house and dusting them every so often is not indoor gardening. There are people that don’t have any success with indoor plants and still others that believe plants are for the outdoors. But there are plenty of plants and herbs that do quite well indoors and plants help clean the air they eliminate carbon dioxide from the home just as they do outside.

How To Turn A Commercial Aquaponics System Into A Profitable Business

Your very own commercial aquaponics system can become a profitable reality due to the ever increasing desire on the part of people to eat healthier foods. You can grow healthy food at a lower cost and profit from this with this new opportunity.

Papaver Somniferum Poppy – Hens and Chicks

With such a great range of poppies available it can be tough to find the perfect specimen for your garden. While many of the traditional favorites always work well, including a few unusual varieties in your garden will be a great talking point for visitors. And within the Papaver somniferum family the variety of Hens and Chicks is an interesting poppy which will catch the eyes of all guests to your garden.

Papaver Somniferum Poppy – Album

Poppies are loved around the world and with such a great range of varieties on offer there is always a type to suit your requirements. Papaver somniferum poppies in particular are a great specimen to have in your garden because they grow quickly and easily whilst offering a multitude of blooms throughout the summer. And for a stunning flower which will easily fit into all garden settings, Papaver somniferum Album is perfect.

Using Poppy Plants Versus Seeds

Many gardeners, both experienced and novice, are attracted to the notion of buying plants from garden centers rather than seeds. Whilst this may be a far better option for many specimens, for seeds which can be easily grown it doesn’t always make sense. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, and one method is sure to suit your needs more than others.

How to Prick Out Papaver Somniferum Seedlings

A great way of growing poppy seeds, especially those of Papaver somniferum, is by using seed trays. This allows you to germinate seeds in the right environment and ensure that they can be nurtured into strong and thriving plants. Growing individual plants in pots also means that you have the ability to create planting designs with flowers which is harder to do if seeds are sown straight into the ground. If you are using certain color combinations then you can simply label pots as plants are grown so that when planted out into the garden you can get the perfectly desired look.

Growing Potatoes In Containers

Potatoes can be grown in containers just as easy as in a traditional method of gardening. Terracotta pots, half barrels, trash cans and even a burlap sack,or trash bags are all good choices of containers to grow your potatoes in.

Shade Trees That Grow Fast

There are so many wonderful things about trees. We love them as part of our landscaping in the world around us; at home, in parks and all around us in nature. When planning on having a tree at home, many gardeners wish to have a shade tree that grows fast.

Excellent Choices For Fast Growing Trees

When someone is planning out their landscaping, this often involves planting trees. They provide aesthetic appeal, shade and in some cases, fruit. But a home owner usually wants to have a tree that grows quickly.

Cheap Garden Shed: Garden Greatness on a Budget

When you fall in love with gardening you quickly realize one thing, your hobby is pretty darn expensive. After purchasing flowers, good gardening soil, fertilizer and essentials to keep your plants looking vibrant not only do you have a lot of money tucked away in your projects, you also have a lot of things to tuck away, like your favorite polka dotted shovel, your delightful red ladybug garden gloves, special pots and your bags of gardening soil.

Excellent Shade Trees

Trees offer us so much and one of the elements that home owners love about them is how they provide shade. There are so many varieties to choose from when landscaping, let’s take a look at some of the best shade trees.

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