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Planning Edible Gardens For Your Off Grid Lifestyle

Awareness of the world wide food shortage is increasing and many urban people with yards or other outdoor space have begun planning edible gardens. There is a lot to prepare for, especially if you are inexperienced. Whether you are aiming for an off grid lifestyle or simply want to create your own food supply, there is an abundance of information from seasoned growers to help you learn how.

How to Establish Your Dish Garden

Dish gardening is the art of planting small ornamental in pots, shallow vases or dishes. Or it is in itself a miniature garden which you can carry them to any part of your home.

How to Grow Flowering Herbs – Part 1

Annual Flowering Herbs Petunia- (Petunia spp.) Petunias are tender flowering herbs that adorn the garden with a variety of striking colors such as, red, pink, white, violet or a mixture of white stripped with violet or blue. They are more attractive when planted closely in flower beds forming a blanket of red or velvet blossoms. Petunias are mostly cultivated in pots or window boxes.

How to Grow Hybrid Hibiscus

An addition to the Hibiscus species, a new hybrid of gumamela was bred locally by the Department of Plant Breeding at the UPLB-IPB, UP Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines. The plant was carefully screened for beauty, hardiness, ease of propagation, and vigor which are important qualities to attract buyers and plant lovers. The propagation is the same to the other hibiscus species except that this new hybrid needs a thorough understanding of plant propagation techniques.

First Aid For Sick Plants

Insufficient light over a long period manifests itself in spindly stems, yellow green foliage color, and leaf drop. Eventually, all growth stops and the plant dies.

How to Garden at Your Bug Out Location

If you have a bug out location to go to in case of disaster or emergency for survival, it’s good to have food there. One can only store so much food so food production is an alternative to think about. If one can produce food, one could last much longer at a bug out location than eating a dwindling supply.

Growing Roses From a Seed Can Be Easy – We Show You

An amateur starting with his first batch of roses is certainly not encouraged to take on growing roses from seed. After all, it is very challenging, what with all the tedious little tasks that you have to make sure are completed before you actually plant the rose seeds into the soil. Before we show you how it is to grow roses from the seed, you first have to understand the way Mother Nature has made your favorite flower and how they naturally produce seeds ready for planting.

Identifying and Germinating Seeds

These days apart from the original seeds one can also fine seeds that are genetically altered or hybrid in nature. These seeds and plants thereafter grow very fast and also bear fruits much faster than if you had tried the original seed. You can sow the seeds in small seed boxes or even pots that are filled with the composts required for the nutrition of the plants.

Your Greenhouse, Vegetables, and Fruit in Mid-Late September

Pot up a few brightly coloured polyanthus and place them in a frame or greenhouse for early flowering. Geraniums, fuchsias, begonias, heliotropes and tender subΒ­jects should now be in the greenhouse, and cyclamen and primulas brought in from the frame. Geranium and fuchsia cuttings must be examined regularly for grey mould and any sufferer dismissed.

Major Drawbacks of Water Hose Reels

It’s true that water hose reels vary across several points. There are however several general drawbacks that some reels share regardless of brand or type.

Garden Improvement Techniques

A garden has a very special and significant importance to your house. For some it may just be a source of entertainment and for some it may just be an extension to your house. But for some it can be a passion to grow and look after each plant in the garden and to maintain the garden well as it gives them immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Essential After-Planting Care

Plants are essential for our well being. They also hold many decoration and beauty values. However if you decide to keep plants hen you must take good care of them or else they will not last for long. One of the most important things that you should never forget is to water the plants regularly and that too at regular intervals. Watering at regular intervals is necessary for the plant to look nice and green and also to ensure that the plants last for a long time.

Hustler Mowers – What Puts Them Above the Rest?

There are thousands of different name brand lawn mowers on the market today. Some of the popular brands of mowers include; Walker, Kubota and Scag. Each of these mowers perform the basic function of cutting the lawn. But, it is tough to decide which one will give the exceptional performance that customers expect. Each company will tell the consumer that their product is second to none, now how many of those companies have the history to back that statement up.

Is Your Perennial Border Missing the Echinacea Factor?

Are you looking for a long-blooming, sun-loving hardy perennial that can add all sorts of color to your flower beds? Echinacea may just be what you’re missing. With the development of new cultivars, you can add not only the original purple coneflowers to your yard, but new daisy like blooms in colors from white through yellows, oranges and reds. Find out what’s in store for you when you explore the new echinaceas.

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