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What Are the Best Climbing Roses For Your Garden?

The best climbing roses are really those that you enjoy seeing in your garden. There are a wide variety of these beautiful plants available at your local nursery. When you select varieties for your garden it is best to look at ones that are disease resistant and easy to care for. You should also choose ones that can adapt to your particular climate.

Popular Terrestrial and Epiphytes Orchids

Most of the 21,950 plus species of orchids and the 100,000 different hybrid species of orchids are either Terrestrial or epiphytes orchids. The two types grow differently in the wild and need different care considerations when grown in the home. Here are some popular terrestrial and Epiehytes orchids that are becoming quite popular as house plants.

Your Favourite Wedding Orchids

Orchids can really assist in transforming your wedding into a special occasion. Learn here about which exotic and beautiful orchids are most suitable and where each orchid type is best used in the various wedding floral displays.

Look After Your Lawn

Planting There are two options to the gardener when it comes to planting a lawn. You can seed a new lawn from scratch, which although takes the most time and attention, it is not only the cheapest option but you will also have deeper rooted grass making it more durable. Seed in early summer, early autumn or spring when the ground is a little warmer and the air cooler.

The Best and Easiest Ways to Propagate Orchids

Article discusses the 6 methods used to propagate orchids with an emphasis on the two best methods: back bulb and division. Includes discussion of keikis, meristem tissue culture, aerial cuttings and seed propagation. Propagation should be done any time you want to expand your orchid collection.

Orchids – The Perfect Wedding Flowers

Why orchids are perfect for your wedding day. Interesting information and inspiring ideas on how to make your wedding an especially amazing occasion by choosing orchids as your favorite wedding flower. Includes the best types of orchids for use at weddings and practical reasons why orchids are to be considered for your special wedding arrangements.

Additional Benefits of Gardening – It Will Help You Get Into Shape

There are way too many people that pay hundreds of dollars to slave away in crowded and overly expensive gyms. Working your vegetable garden is a great way to stay fit. A medium sized vegetable garden will require a minimum of ten hours a week of physical work to keep it productive.

Now Is the Time to Get Tidying Our Country Gardens Ready for the Winter Ahead

Before the colder weather starts to set in this is the moment when we all need to be thinking about spending a few days out in our gardens. And if you plan earlier enough you can make the task even easier!

Growing Tomatoes In The Australian Climate

It is a pleasure to grow tomatoes in the Australian climate because the weather is really conducive to growing ripe, sweet, luscious tomatoes so find out more about how to grow tomatoes successfully in Australia. Check out the basic facts to ensure your tomato growing success.

Growing Tomatoes Information

A general guide to growing tomatoes. How to create ideal soil conditions, etc.

What Home Herb Garden is Right For You?

Being able to classify herbs is essential. This way, you’ll know which herbs are suitable for the type of herb garden you prefer.

How to Prune a Rose Bush

How well a rose flower bush grows and how attractive it looks depends a great deal on the pruning techniques used. Proper pruning of a rose bush speeds up the budding and growth of new flowers. When you prune a rose bush well, you get rid of dead growth and also free up the rose flowers to grow to their natural shape and size. Air and light can flow more freely and penetrate every aspect of the bush making it healthier and stronger.

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