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The Sweet Charlie Strawberry

Strawberries are a wonderful part of spring festivities in many parts of the temperate world. As the weather warms, strawberry plants slowly speed up their rate of cellular respiration and move from dormancy to vibrancy again. This process occurs year after year making most varieties of strawberry plants hardy perennials.

Roses in Art to Heal, Nourish and Indulge

Artist’s greatest secret is that they paint with emotions – they do not think of what the objects are but what shapes and colors they see. There are no two roses exactly alike, and if you study the old Masters you will find many interpretations of the rose.

5 Important Things to Know When Growing Orchids

Growing orchids have often been regarded as an extremely difficult plant to grow at home or in the garden. Well, this is not exactly true. Yes, orchids will do very poorly if they are not properly maintained or given the proper environment in which to grow, but having the basic essential knowledge of growing and caring for orchids will have them blooming like they were in their native environment.

The Long and Unusual History of the Orchid Plant

Orchids do have a long and somewhat strange history. First of all, it’s very strange as to how its name came about. Around 1845, John Lindley coined the name of the orchid from the Greek word orkhis which means testicle. He believed that the twin roots of the orchid resembled a man’s testicles. Since the plant was relatively undiscovered and considered extremely exotic, the name stuck.

Five Vital Orchids Info Tips to Grow Healthy Blooming Orchids!

Learn the five topics of essential orchid information needed to grow healthy, beautiful blooming orchids! This five step guide will reveal the best orchid species to grow for your first time, lighting requirements, how to create a natural climate in your home, choosing the correct potting media (soil) and more!

Purchase Flowers For Any Occasion

Flowers signify freshness, love, and beauty in all special occasion. You can never tell the amount of situation where you encounter bouquet of flowers.

How to Take Care of Rose Bushes

Roses can either be planted directly on soil or in the pot. Roses however are more attractive when they are allowed to grow in bushes. Although they are not easy to take care of unlike rose trees, the beauty that they give is as worthwhile as the time you will be spending in maintaining it.

Ideally Caring For Orchids

In comparison to normal home-grown backyard and indoor plants orchids do not require any or no particular care. The efforts put in in its growth are but minimal.

Olive Wood Tree

Olive wood, an evergreen tree, is a wood that has fragrance. It is a shrub which is an inhabitant of Asia, Mediterranean and Africa. This wood is basically used for various wood carving purposes.

Orchids Plant Information Any Buyer Must Know About

Shopping for plants is something that requires both knowledge and good observation. You should be well-educated on orchids plant information, and you mist know what you really want plant you really want to grow.

Orchids Info Every New Orchid Grower Must Know!

Learn the essential orchids info every new grower must know! Including the best first orchid to buy, and the best location in your home for an orchid to grow. Our orchid guide for new growers will give you the basics on how to grow a healthy, and beautiful blooming orchid!

Growing Bulbs

Bulbs are among the easiest plants to grow and so is an ideal starting point for newcomers to gardening. They need little more than planting and watering to get going and require very little maintenance thereafter. As a rule, bulbs should be planted as soon as they are bought. Autumn and spring flowering types produce new roots in autumn and should be planted in late summer or early autumn. The main exceptions are tulips, which are best planted in late autumn. You should plant bulbs in a well prepared, weed free soil. If it is poor incorporate a sprinkling of slow release fertilizer, such as bone meal.

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