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Irises – Grown in Your Perennial Gardens

Irises are an easy perennial to grow in the home garden. They are a great choice when wanting to naturalize your garden and create an environment for wildlife in your backyard.

Cinder Block Gardens

Growing your own fresh vegatables has never been more popular, and the health benefits are great. The only problem is that most people don’t have enough space to realize a proper garden. One of the best remedies would be to construct a “Cinder Block Garden”.

Just Look at That Cilantro Grow! Tips For Growing This Most Versatile of Herb Garden Plants

One of the easiest decisions you will make is whether to let cilantro grow in your home herb garden. It is an absolute must grow herb when designing a herb garden. Cilantro is known as coriander in many parts of the world, which reminds me of the phrase, “Cilantro is an herb so nice, they had to name it twice.”

Container Gardens As Personalized Gifts

Looking for a unique and inexpensive gift for someone special? How about a container garden? It’s something that you can personalize and it really is the gift that keeps giving!

Growing Climbing Roses – Month by Month

True climbing roses, including the hybrid teas and climbing floribundas, have sturdier, more upright growth than the ramblers. They’re suitable for walls and fences whereas ramblers serve a better purpose when used for low fences, pillars or pergolas.

Herb Garden Plants – Caraway

A herb of ancient cultivation, legend endows it with the power to prevent lovers and doves from straying. It was thus a popular ingredient of love potions in medieval times and was fed to doves, pigeons and poultry to prevent them from wandering.

Your Home Herb Garden – Expert Tips For Harvesting and Preserving Your Herbs

What if I told you that a home herb garden is like a silent soldier guarding your health? For thousands of years human kind has survived, at times with the odds stacked against him. Part of the answer for our survival lies in some powerful plants that have accompanied us through history. I’m talking about herbs.

How to Care For Bonsai Plants

Bonsai is a combination of art and gardening. This article describes what bonsai is and how to care for bonsai plants.

Container Gardening – It’s As Easy As One, Two, Three!

The ease of container gardening. The benefits of a yard garden without all the hassle.

Patio Container Garden – Tips to Convert Your Patio Into a Beautiful Patio Container Garden

There is much to say about the satisfying feeling of growing your own flowers, veggies and herbs. Whether you have a small balcony, rooftop, or an area in between, much can be accomplished to satisfy your green thumb by creating a patio container garden.

Creating a Mini Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs to use fresh at home beats the heck out of buying them from the supermarket. One of the great things about herb growing is that it does not have to be on a grand and lavish scale. A mini herb garden can be just the trick to get you started.

The Italian Herb Garden

The amazing location that is Italy is famous for many things and is known as a “country of great passion!” Passionate lovers, passionate traditions and of course an unmistakable passion for fine cuisine where herbs play a significant role in the end result of this exquisite food!

Gardening in Small Spaces – Can Success Be Achieved When You Are Gardening in Small Spaces?

Depending on amount of sun and wind direction, a small balcony or veranda can be enjoyed (even from indoors), when the weather is in-climate. After all, it is an extension of your living space. Also, depending on your climate, you should be prepared to bring inside some of your more exotic plants. Since you’re gardening in small spaces, your money may go further for specialty pots and planters.

Garden Hub – Growing and Brewing Your Own Herbs

There is no particular set way or place to grow and cultivate your herbs. They can be raised like vegetables in rows or plots, neatly and in order staked off and labeled. You can integrate and mix them into the landscape as ground covers, edgings, or companion plants with other ornamentals. This next article will teach you some techniques about growing and brewing your own herbs.

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