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Winter Indoor Herb Gardening – Understanding the Process of Growing Indoor Herbs

There are many herbs you can grow in your home – even during winter months! Winter indoor herb gardening does require some work, but it’s nothing you shouldn’t be able to handle. Even with limited gardening experience, you should be able to grow herbs in your home or office without any problems. Some of the easiest plants to start with include: rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, and thyme. They can all be grown organically all year round.

How to Start a Sage Herb Garden

If you’re looking to set up a sage garden, this article can shed light on the qualities and needs of this specific herb. Read on to get a helpful guide for your gardening plans.

Using a Misting System to Root Softwood Cuttings – Part 2

When a misting timer is programmed, it will follow the program until the propagator makes a change or some other device tells the system to operate differently. These devices can include an electronic leaf (which I don’t recommend in most cases) or a rain and freeze sensor.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Herb Gardening

Tips and advices on herb gardening. What are herbs and why do we grow them? Herbs you can grow.

Water Garden Feature – How to Build One in a Weekend

This started because my partner went away golfing and I always like to do a challenge when he is away, so my girlfriend and I having had a good Friday night on the red wine decided we would start making the water feature Saturday morning. The water feature was to be sited on my patio, as I wanted to see into the pond from my sun room we needed to make a sunken pond, this meant we would have to dig out the concrete the patio slabs had been laid on.

Gardening Tips – Plant Pests and Problems

Vegetarian insects, arthropods and mollusks can ruin plants in all sorts of ways and are the bane of the gardener’s life. Sometimes you need to take urgent action, yet at other times you don’t need to bother doing anything at all. This is why it pays to know your enemy.

Vegetation and Surveying

One type of surveying, known as ‘vegetation surveying,’ is particularly interested in the vegetation found in a given area. Unlike standard land surveying, vegetation surveying often depicts rough boundaries, not strict lines. Vegetation surveying, or the mapping of plant habitats, is a valuable tool for botanists, environmentalists, and other earth science applications.

Choosing and Maintaining the Right Garden Hedge

A garden hedge is not only a good border between yourself and a neighbour but can also offer many other benefits. These benefits include, amongst others, being a good home for local wildlife, offering better shelter than a solid barrier, and being a good deterrent against intrusion. Choosing the wrong type of garden hedge can bring many problems so it’s important to know how to choose the best hedge for your requirements.

Grow Your Own Rosemary Tea

If you love the flavor of rosemary when used for cooking, you’ll love it more when used as an herbal tea. And you’ll be even more delighted to know that rosemary is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Read this article to know how.

Growing Herbs Indoors Saves You $$$

Say good-bye to tasteless and expensive store bought herbs. You only need a few pots, some garden soil and your favorite herb seeds. With a small initial investment you will be rewarded with an abundant supply of fresh, delicious herbs.

Organic Garden Soil – A Wise Choice

It is the dream of every gardener to produce best among his/her competitors, and if you share the same dream of perfection you should try going for better garden soil than the one you are already using. The proper selection of soil will make sure that your garden vegetables get all the proper nutrition they need to grow well and that they can be the finest one in town.

Tropical Garden Maintenance Tips – Easy to Understand

Sometimes, people think they need to have a huge landscape in order to plan out their own garden themes and creativity. It’s not true. You can have a perfect tropical garden arrangement even if you don’t own a large area of land.

Simple Tips For Designing a Rock Garden

Rock gardens are characterized by ultimate beauty and sense of pleasure and sophistication. They are the most amazing thing to observe. We have plenty of things which we overlook in nature made out of stones and rocks. It would be creative enough to have a combination of both of them in your own backyard garden.

Considering the Services of a Garden Designer

If you think that you are not the perfect individual to design your own garden and need some assistance then you must consider the services of a professional garden designer. They are a wise option to consider as they have all the information which is required for designing an attractive garden.

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