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Building a Raised Bed Garden System

A raised bed garden system is necessary if you garden has poor drainage. Poor drainage will mean unhealthy or likely dead plants. A raised bed is easy to build and will do a lot for your garden as well.

The Croton Plant Will Transform Your Garden Or Home Into an Explosion of Color

Croton plants can be grown inside the home or planted outdoors if you have favorable climate conditions. In the warmer climate of the South, the croton plant is grown side by side or used as a stand alone ornamental plant.

How to Limit the Weeds in Your Lawn

When you create the perfect conditions for growing a green lawn, you are also paving the way for weeds of all shapes and sizes to grow alongside your Bermudas, bluegrasses and fescues, to name a few grass varieties. Fortunately, there are many ways with which to limit weed growth in your lawn. Use Weed Killers: You should use both systemic and contact types to control all types of weeds in your lawn.

Choosing Roses – The Top Five Roses Named After Famous People

If you are deciding which varieties of roses to plant in your garden, why not choose one named after your favorite celebrity? There are literally hundreds of roses named after famous people. Here are five unique rose varieties named after celebrities…

Fruit – Grown Fresh in Your Backyard Organic Garden

Growing fresh fruit that your can enjoy fresh in your own garden. Organic gardening method of growing a crop that is both healthy for you and the environment.

Great Tips For Growing Tomatoes

If you would ask me which fruit would be the easiest to grow, I would say it is the tomato. The tomato is known for its distinctive red color and it is very popular throughout the world. It can be used in many traditional food dishes and many people enjoy its juiciness.

What is Square Foot Gardening

Gardening has been a big part of people’s daily hobbies. Sometimes, it can sometimes require a lot of space to start our own gardens, now we can make one even in just small areas.

Herb Gardening For Beginners

Herb gardening for beginners is easy when you know these 5 basic tips. Getting these 5 things right will make a huge difference to your gardening success.

Choosing the Right Rose For Your Garden

When choosing roses there are three basic groups one should look at and within these three we find an abundance of different rose types. Wild ones are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic to the Tropics and as species they tend to bloom early, turning out to be food for birds.

The Popular Herbs

Herbal gardens are a very big hobby these days. Most people use it for cooking but some also does it just as a hobby to enjoy. Believe it or not, a lot of people do not really know what herbs are and that there are different kinds of herbs.

Lavender For Stress Relief?

Lavender has been around for years, in fact several thousand years. Popular with the Greeks and Romans the name in Latin is “lavare” which means to wash. It has many uses which include decoration, culinary, cosmetic, aromatic, household use, and medicinal.

Tips on Growing Strawberries the Hydroponical Way

Hydroponic strawberries are one of the best tasting strawberries. Moreover, growing these strawberries are much easier.

Organic Gardening – Don’t Overlook the Ornamental Value of Fruit Bearing Plants

Fruit bearing plants are a great addition to any landscape. Grow fruits and berries as a part of your edible landscape.

Pond Building – The Water Filtration System

While there are different types of filters, they all operate on the same principles. Water is pumped into the filter, gets cleaned and then goes back out to the pond, sometimes through a stream or fountain.

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