Repotting a 200 Year Old Christmas Cactus! 😱🌡😍 // Garden Answer

How to Make Your Garden Bridge Safer

After considering the future needs for expansion of your backyard, you’ve decided that a garden bridge is the next best thing to add in your garden. But you are worried that it won’t serve the right purpose that you are hoping it would.

Choosing Your Bonsai Pot

As strange as it may sound, selecting the correct pot for your bonsai tree is almost as important as the actual selection of the tree itself. Growing a bonsai tree takes a slightly different mindset than growing most other specimens. Growers of bonsai will normally have a very precise idea of what the tree will look like after it matures. They will have either a mental picture or an actual printed concept of how the tree will appear after the pruning, training and wiring of the tree have altered the tree.

The Plants Perfect For an English Garden

Here’s good news for gardening lovers out there, it is possible to set up an English garden in one’s own backyard and profit from it every year. It does not matter how much space you’ve got for your garden. What’s more important is your choice of plants that will make your garden even more beautiful.

Grow Your Vegetables

If you’ve decided to grow your own vegetables, you’re in good company. There are so many great reasons to start a home vegetable garden, that people throughout the world are picking up spades and trowels and digging holes to plant seeds.

Plant Your Spring Garden in Chicago

Springtime in Illinois is the perfect time to start planning your garden, no matter how big or small. Whether you live in a house or apartment, you can have a successful spring garden in Chicago. Shake off the winter blahs and take advantage of the fertile soil and mild weather in Chicago to plant beautiful flowers, delicious veggies and bountiful herbs.

Tips For Would-Be Apple Culturists

Apple cultivation is a project that usually takes time to complete. The hardest part of it is finding the variety and stock of apple trees that meet your needs. Choosing which apple trees to grow requires not only a considerable amount of time, but also careful thought.

What to Consider When Planting a Rose Garden

It’s cold outside and maybe there’s even snow on the ground. It hardly seems the time to be thinking about your roses and where you should put them, but actually, it is the time. It’s time to think where in your landscaping scheme you want roses this year. It’s time to think what roses would fill the gaps you have in the yard, what color scheme you want to go with and what plants will coordinate with your roses.

Things to Consider When Talking About Garden Paving

The first thing when thinking about garden paving you have to do is decide what area you want to pave. There are hundreds of different options when it comes to paving. The first thing you need to do is consider the different types of paving stones and the different designs for paving.

How the Beginner Can Reap Enjoyment From Growing Roses

What does it take for a beginner to reap the enjoyment from growing roses? Although there are many different varieties of roses from which to choose, the care they require is very similar.

The Importance of Getting Garden Planning Permission

Being a home owner does not mean that you can do whatever you want. At some point, you will need a special permit for landscaping projects. This is called garden planning permission. Double checking the regulations in your area is a good idea before beginning any project. It will keep trouble from coming your way. Finding out what is required can be as easy as picking up the nearest phone.

Top 5 Advantages to Growing Herbs in Pots

Herbs are versatile plants that can be grown in your kitchen or outdoors in containers placed throughout your garden. There are some advantages to growing herbs in pots or other containers, particularly during the winter months.

Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Want to learn ways you can influence more hummingbirds to stick around your yard? Here, you will find in detail some helpful tips.

Container Herb Gardening

This article teaches you how to plant a container herb garden using five containers and putting them into one big one. People who see the final product will want one of there own, if it is your container herb garden they are looking at.

Garden Planning Permission is Advised Before Beginning Work

You may think that you have the right to do whatever you want to a building you own. This is not the case. Some structures, and zones require permits before any changes can be made. If you are planning to put in new landscaping, or a new garden, getting garden planning permission is essential.

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