Reviving a Neglected Garden: Soil Health, Planting Tips, and More!

Planting a Rose Tree Garden

Before planting an entire rose tree garden, you have to plant your first rose tree. In rose planting whether you are growing climbing roses or growing roses for cuttings, even growing miniature roses; there are certain things that must be taken into consideration.

The Truth Behind Genetically Modified Fruits and Vegetables

There has been a lot of hype lately about genetically modified foods, and it has many people asking, “What’s the big deal?” In this article, I will highlight a handful of the harmful qualities of genetically modified fruits and vegetables and why organically grown foods are better for you and your family.

Gardening Bulbs – Effective Ways of Growing Anemone in Your Garden

You will learn about proven methods of growing Anemone. You will find explanations about Anemone different kinds, planting, propagation, protection strategies.

Growing Container Herbs

Growing container herbs in your own backyard and/or inside your home requires some skills and a certain level of knowledge about herbs. The type of plants that you are planning to grow will influence the specifications or dimensions of the containers. Hence, when creating herb gardens in containers, one of the first things that you need to do is to decide on the types of plants you want to grow; as well as the number of each plant type.

A Vegetable Garden For Indoors

Everyone knows that houseplants and herb gardens can be grown indoors. But you can also grow other plants inside.

Types of Blue Flowers

Blue is certainly a color that could not be disliked by anyone. That is because there is natural and refreshing beauty in the color.

Preparing Your Garden For Planting

Before you start to plant your garden, it is important to get the soil ready. The health of the soil determines the health of your garden plants and therefore the success of your garden. If you prepare the soil well before planting, you will have fewer weed and disease problems later.

What About Delphiniums?

Delphiniums are among the most recognized and admired flowering plants of the vertically growing and tall perennials. This plant species is considered as one of the most real blue-flowering plants. Taller delphiniums usually require staking or more support so that breaking of stems could be effectively and strategically avoided.

Vegetable Garden Planting – Physical, Mental, and Financial Benefits

Vegetable garden planting is beneficial in many ways. It is great exercise which is valuable for both mental and physical health. Having a garden saves money and improves the backyard as well.

Establishing Your Own Water Garden

Garden types are often too stressful to think of especially when you have not clearly figured out what garden type and where you would like to set your garden; eventually, selecting a good spot should be prioritized. Before buying the things needed to set your water garden, assess the area and determine the basic necessities.

Ideas on Easy Vegetables to Grow

Whether you’re a novice gardener or just want to introduce your kids to it, the following ideas will help you choose the best crop to plant this summer. Hey, you don’t even have to be a green thumb because these are tough to murder.

Herbs – A Simple Plant With Demanding Needs

Taking care of your herbs does not differ much from watching your annuals and perennials, only that herbs have few special demands. You must make sure that the needs of your herbs are fully satisfied to be certain that their growth would be a success.

Scabiosia Or Butterfly Blue – Perennial Plant of 2000

Butterfly Blue (Scabiosa columbaria) was named the Perennial Plant of Year 2000 by no less than the Perennial Plant Association. Scabiosa has a rather delicate appearance but it is actually a sturdy plant. There is no need to stake. In summer, butterflies usually find its nectar-rich flowers very alluring. Hence, the common name Butterfly Blue.

Yuccas! Love’em Or Hate’em

Yuccas are the perfect plants for everyone who does not have green fingers and a memory for watering regularly! There are approximately 40 species of Yucca, and they tolerate a wide range of garden conditions, from a hot dry climate to being hardy enough for the odd frost.

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