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Peace Lily Plant Care – Best Method For Having Beautiful Foliage and Fragrant Blooms

The peace lily is native to Central and South America rainforests, capable of adapting to low light conditions. Environmental pollutants including benzene and formaldehyde can be cleaned from the air with the addition of this plant.

Tips on Choosing the Right Petrol Mower

With the huge number of manufacturers and models of petrol lawnmower available on the market today, the choice is so wide that you need to nail down the features you are really looking for in your mower before you try making a purchase. The temptation might be to look and see which model is being heavily discounted or what seems a bargain but if you get it home and it does not do all that you want it to, even the best bargain can be an expensive mistake.

Home Vegetable Gardening For the Beginner

When choosing a site for your garden remember to consider that for plants to flourish they need shelter and plenty of sun as well as a good growing medium (soil) and drainage. If your chosen site has poor drainage or soil remember there are ways to improve this.

Make a Simple Medicinal Indoor Herb Garden

Make an indoor medicinal herb garden to have your own year-round supply of herbs, for medicines, food flavourings and lovely aromas. Incidentally, the aroma in herbs derives from oils in the cell of the plants. So, a herb garden is not that difficult to make, and gives great satisfaction to adults and children alike.

All You Need to Know About Soil Nutrition

It is all well and good to select an attractive plant or shrub for a client’s garden but attention needs to be paid to the nature and content of the soil to ensure that plant grows into a healthy and robust specimen. Some plants require an acid soil (Rhododendron, Hydrangea) and will not thrive and they may even die in a limey soil, so always test the soil before you plant. Also, some plants will not grow in an acid soil. A simple test kit that will be available from a local garden centre will allow you to…

Backyard Landscape – Is a Wormery Right For You?

What in the world is a “wormery”? And what is vermicomposting? Well, a “wormery” is a sort of worm farm dedicated to vermicomposting which means using worms to further break down composting food scraps.

Choosing a Rose Shrub For Your Garden

You may have decided to purchase a rose shrub for your garden, but you may be unsure as to which shrub is right for you. Fear not, this handy little article is going to help you through some of the most common rose shrubs, allowing you to pick the right rose to act as the perfect final touch to your hard work.

The Perfect Habitat For Growing Orchids

Learning about proper orchid care can be somewhat difficult if you are not receiving the right information. Having the right knowledge is critical if you want to have orchids that will bloom and flower for years to come. It is essential to know the right information from the wrong info in order to apply correct orchid care techniques to your flowers.

Herb Garden Plans – How to Choose the Right Herbs For Your Garden

You can design your own herb garden plans using common sense and a little herbal knowledge. Growing herbs is immensely rewarding, especially when you select herbs with the medicinal and culinary properties that best suit your needs. Here’s how to choose the right herbs for your garden.

Types of Flowers

When people want to find out about the different types of flowers in existence, they may be looking for one or both of two things: first, they will be searching for the different classifications of flowers according to species, family, etc. This would be more accurately called “biological types”. Then, there’s also the chance they mean the different types of flowers that one gives as a gift on specific occasions, such as for weddings, anniversaries, dates, birthdays, graduations, prom, births and funerals, sickness and recuperation, loss of a loved one, flowers for people who are moving, flowers of welcome, flowers for apologies, flowers for holidays, etc.

How to Make the Most of Your Garden

Want to do more in your garden? Want to spend more time outside? Want somewhere safe for your children to play? Find out how you can make the most of your garden.

Growing Garlic – Just the Facts

As part of our excursions for promoting our garlic chopping, peeling and storage products, we attended a garlic growing seminar. Much to our surprise, there is a lot to learn about this wonderful vegetable and growing garlic can actually be very simple.

How to Buy Bulk Daffodils Bulbs Online

Whether you are a novice or a pro, if you love gardening, then the thought of buying fresh daffodil flowering bulbs could get you all excited. It is easy to get carried away what with the lush photography that you see on accompanying websites.

The Essential Garden Furniture You Need This Summer

Want to spend more time in your garden? Want to enjoy the sun? Want somewhere safe for your children to play? Find out the essential garden furniture you need.

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