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14 Tips on How to Cut Flower Stems to Make Them Live Longer

Nothing is more unattractive than old, wilting flowers. To keep your bouquets lasting much longer follow these useful tips.

Growing Narcissi

Narcissus paper white is the easiest of all the narcissi to bring into flower in late autumn or winter. It usually flowers only six weeks after planting and, unlike the later flowering and other related daffodils, it requires no special period of cool or darkness to persuade it to grow and flower indoors. Decide when you want the bulbs to bloom and then work backwards.

What to Consider When Buying a Hose Reel

Not every household has a hose reel simply because not all people need one. But for those who are maintaining a garden or an outdoor property like a back or front yard, having one is quite a convenience. A hose reel can keep your property looking clean and is an efficient gardening tool.

I Don’t Bring Her Flowers Anymore

I loved getting my wife flowers for all those special occasions like her birthday and Valentine’s Day. The price of them was getting so high that she insisted I stop buying them for her. So I decided to plant a flower garden instead, and keep the gift of flowers going. Join me on the journey as I learned how.

Growing Narcissus

Method of displaying these little daffodils is to find a simple colored container that is slightly larger than the pot in which they are already growing. Use grit or stones as necessary in the outer pot to get the level right, insert the pot of daffodils and add a covering of moss to disguise the inner pot and the surface of the compost or soil mix.

Establishing a Terrarium Garden

Terrarium gardening is the application of miniature garden or landscape. This concept was derived from plants in enclosed containers known as the Wardian case, an almost airtight case with glass sides and top. This kind of gardening has been known long time ago, but it was only given attention lately due to its attractive appearance especially in indoors.

Growing Potted Plants That Sell

There is a market for potted plants if you you’re going to engage in this lucrative business whether as full-time or just merely a sideline. What is only important is your passion to do the dirty work of gardening. Like any other business, however, you have to produce plants that are in demand. Plants that are high ticket in price, and high quality, that is they are disease-free, robust, and are of the right size.

Rhizomes Introduction

These plants produce long, tubular flowers, ranging in color from rose, scarlet and blue or violet, and the flowers, which have contrasting throats of gold or white, are sometimes blotched or spotted. The rhizomes, which resemble miniature pine cones, are small and easily broken, so they are often sold, four or five at a time, in little plastic tubs surrounded by peat.

Creating a Mini Greenhouse Indoors

The phrase mini indoor greenhouse does not have a strict definition. It used to describe any of the freestanding greenhouses created indoors. It is also used to refer the ones the ones that sometimes bigger than the closet that you walk-in to.

Oregano Herb – The Facts

The botanical term of the oregano herb is Origanum Vulgare. In Greek, it means joy of the mountains. The oregano can grow about 2ft tall and you can easily smell the strong and pungent aroma. It is not only used for culinary purposes but it is also great for treating certain illnesses. When the herb blooms, you will see pink and purple flowers which are also edible. The oregano herb can make a lot of dishes very flavorful.

What You Need in an Italian Herb Garden

Knowing Italy, some flavorful dishes dashed succulent Italian herbs come to mind. Growing your own Italian herb garden will make you versatile in cooking this type of food. The most popular Italian herb is basil…

Using Spring Bulbs Already in Growth

One of the easiest ways to enjoy bulbs indoors in late winter is to buy small pots of growing bulbs. Use a pretty colored pot or a plain terracotta pot for display purposes and place it in a light but cool position to prolong the flowering period as much as possible.

An Herb Garden – General Recommendations to Start

This article recommends the beginner herb gardener to conduct some study before starting an herb garden. After collecting some information plan your garden. The planning process includes selecting what class of herbs you want to grow, deciding on the size of your garden and evaluating the soil condition.

Essentials of Herb Garden Plants

If you want to grow herb garden plants, this article will give you some background information about different kinds of herbs. There are annual, biennial, and perennial herbs, each having a unique distinction from each other. To successfully grow a garden, there is a need to find out how to care for specific herbs.

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