Secret Houseplant Care Tips From a Master Houseplant Grower

How to Plant a Kitchen Garden

If you are worried about where your fruit and vegetable come from then you may want to consider planting a kitchen garden. Not only will your produce taste better and be fresher but it can work out much cheaper too.

Determining the Best Sunlight For Your Garden

We know that all plants need sunlight to grow, but how much sunlight is ideal for your garden? I have had many people ask me where they should plant their garden in order to get the best sunlight possible.

Soil Preparations For Planting Herb Gardens

This article provides you with information about the types of soils appropriate for planting herb gardens and how to prepare the soil in order to be successful when you start your garden. It mentions the adequate soil’s pH and how to measure it.

Vital Info on the Plants Used For Medicine

Conventional medicines can get really expensive and so it will be ideal to determine the plants used for medicine so that you will have an alternative. Plant medicines vary – you can use the extracts, leaves, stems, roots, and other parts for treating common illnesses.

Top Tips on Herb Gardens

Herb garden information is important before planting any herbs. Herbs have long been used by our ancestors and all around the world. The Chinese and Egyptians know their herbs well. Dating back to several thousands of years ago, herbs have had a major role in the daily life of people.

A Windowsill Herb Garden – Create Your Own One

This article is a guide to create your own windowsill herb garden. It focuses on the type and size of the appropriate container to use and some of the herbs you can grow.

Daffodils and Children – Explore How to Get Them Interested

It is fascinating to watch children because they are interested in so many things adults tend to take for granted. One of their favorite flowers is the daffodil due to the design and colors that are bold and bright. Children often hear people say what flowers mean too. The fact that will relate daffodils with positive things including love, hope, and even smiles means they will want to have these flowers around them.

5 Garden Tools You Can’t Do Without

Gardening is a creative and zen-like form of exercise, but can become difficult and frustrating without the proper tools. Out of the many tools that are available to gardeners, some are useful, some are essential. Here are five garden tools that are absolutely essential for every gardener.

Commercial Hydroponic Systems – Top Reasons to Grow Vegetables With Commercial Hydroponic Systems

Have you ever sold vegetables at a farmer’s market or roadside stand? Would you like to offer the prettiest and most nutrient rich vegetables around? By growing with commercial hydroponic systems you can provide your customers with fresh, beautiful vegetables all year long.

Get Your Garden in Ship Shape For Spring

As we say goodbye to Christmas and welcome in the New Year it’s time to consider how to go about restoring the somewhat muddy scene outside to its full potential glory. Here I take a look at what’s required to get your garden ship shape for spring.

How to Dry Roses

When you receive roses, and you want to keep those memories alive till the last possible minute, then drying and pressing your roses are the only way to go. In this article we will cover over the ways of drying your roses, and some simple tips on how to press your roses.

3 Tips to Controlling Asparagus Beetles in Your Home Vegetable Garden

If you like asparagus and more importantly like growing asparagus then get to know and understand how to control this vegetables pesky predator, the asparagus beetle. Here are three tips to get them under control.

The Pleasures of Winter Gardens

Your garden can be just as interesting and appealing in the winter as the summer. With colorful barks, bright berries and interesting twigs, many plants will enhance your garden and landscape in this barest season of the year. Here you will find many suggested plants to add to your gardens, and descriptions of their winter interest.

Time to Start Planning Your Spring Garden

Organic gardening is a unique method and can be done in many different ways. Containers, raised beds or even as a part of your existing landscape. Whatever way you choose, planning is very important when wanting to grow a thriving crop.

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