Seducer Hosta–wonderful color and texture for the shade!

May in the Flower Garden

May is my favourite month in the garden. It is the month when all that grows in the garden takes on that vivid fresh green colour that simply lifts the spirit – if you stand still long enough you can almost see plants growing and new shoots appearing! Even in the smallest garden there are loads of jobs to be getting on with during this month. So, if you are faced with a bewildering amount to do in the garden at this time, take a few moments to read this short list of essential jobs to be getting on with in the flower garden during May.

May in the Vegetable Garden

Even if you only grow a few vegetables on a small plot you will be surprised at the tremendous pace of growth during the month of May. Everything begins to grow up at once and you will soon find things getting out of hand if you don’t keep on top of them. So, before you venture out, take stock and use this quick reminder of some of the vital jobs to be getting on with in the vegetable garden during the month of May.

Winter Weed Barriers

Although many weeds will have been cleared away in summer, many perennial weeds are still underground, waiting for their chance to strike in spring. By taking a look at winter-appropriate weed control techniques it’s easy to protect your garden for the season ahead.

Spotting and Saving Waterlogged Plants

In light of surprise flooding across the UK, it’s worth taking a moment to bear in mind the causes and defences against waterlogging in trees. Though damage can’t be reversed, you can play a part in minimising the effects.

Bamboo Growth Habits: What to Expect From a New Bamboo Division

This article provides a running example of how running bamboo grows and spreads. For those that are interested in introducing bamboo into their landscape, but don’t quite understand what to expect from it, this will be a helpful reference.

Avoid the Hassle of Traditional Farming – Go Rogue With Hydroponics

Hydroponics offers many benefits over traditional farming. The soil-less system of gardening is also useful for people in dry, arid climates.

How to Buy Your Garden Supplies More Efficiently

Gardening can be a fantastic hobby, even if you don’t have a lot of time to pour into it. It’s one of those things where your investments tend to pay off in the long term, which usually means that you’re going to need to do a bit more planning and carefully prepare everything in advance if you want to see good results.

10 Benefits Of Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a break through gardening method that is turning conventional gardening and fish farming on its head. Aquaponics combines the best of both hydroponics and aquaculture, keeping their respective benefits and getting rid of their drawbacks. Here are ten of the many benefits of aquaponics which are not listed in any particular order.

Comparing Hydroponics Nutrients With Traditional Fertilizers

When micro-nutrients are lacking in a plant you will see signs such as poor development, yellow leaves, dropping leaves or stunted growth. In order to sustain a healthy vibrant plant these micro-nutrients must be present for growth and survival.

Winter Planning, Spring Planting, Summer Rewards

Winter is great for planning. No resolutions needed to plan, plenty of time to change your mind a few more times and refine your thoughts, and definitely time to narrow down the seeds and plants you actually purchase. If you are more into some execution steps prior to planting just turn your thoughts to the soil you expect to help give you summer vegetable rewards.

A Guide to Backyard Aquaponics

What if I told you a system exists that will produce ten times the amount organic fruits and vegetables in less than half the time? This same system requires no weeding, no fertilizer, no pesticides, and consumes less than one third the energy as conventional farming methods. The secret is Aquaponics and it’s simple and easy to setup in your backyard.

April in the Vegetable Garden

There is always something to do in the vegetable garden, even in the smallest patch. April is the month when the growing season really starts and its easy to lose track of the jobs you need to be doing. Keep ahead of yourself by using this quick reminder of some of the vital jobs to be doing in the vegetable garden during April.

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