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Gardening Outdoors

Are you looking for a great outdoor activity this Spring and Summer? If so, you should consider gardening. Many people find it very rewarding, relaxing and even fulfilling as an activity. I have listed some of the benefits to outdoor gardening in this article.

Creating A Bog Garden for An Accent in Your Garden

Creating a Bog Garden is a little more involved than sticking some plants that love moisture into a soggy part of your yard. It takes some planning, some planning, and some hard work.

The American Elm Tree, The Tree of the Future

Gardeners are the caretakers of the past and the guardians of the future. Please do your part by making sure this beautiful tree is here for generations to come.

Growing a Herb Garden

Growing a herb garden is an easy project, and great fun for a family to do in their backyard. Herbs fresh from your garden are better than any you buy from the grocery store.

Solving Lawn Thatch Problems

The thick growth from a heavy fertilizer program usually contributes to the increase of thatch. Thatching is also crucial for people who have Kentucky Blue or Zoysia Lawns.

Why Consider Becoming Part Of A Community Farm?

Farming or not farming didn’t used to be a choice for our ancestors. Now, is it once again an option that we can afford to not choose for ourselves and our families? Recent issues with food products have made this a question to consider.

Things To Consider When Building A Tennis Court Using Artificial Grass

The practicality, durability and convenience of fake grass has led to the popularity of synthetic tennis courts. The fact that this type of court is low on maintenance and can be used all year round helps sports enthusiasts and athletes choose synthetic grass for their courts.

A Plan To Create A Simple Herb Garden

Growing fragrant fresh herbs in your own backyard is an addictive pleasure. Even a simple herb garden needs an organized plan to propagate so here are 8 steps to help you create a homegrown haven of delicious ingredients.

Qualities Of A Cypress Porch Swing

Most individuals love to have a porch swing. There are some out there that are not worth the money you pay for them, but then there are some that are of great quality and craftsmanship. A swing built out of cypress wood will be a perfect choice. Cypress is rot and bug resistant. It doesn’t have to have a finish in order to prevent the wood from deteriorating like most other types of lumber. Because of this, you also can leave it out in the wide open, without having it covered, such as in a garden. Some have even put their cypress porch swing inside their home because of the beauty in the wood. Cypress swings are usually hand made, so you will be getting a piece of quality furniture when you purchase one. This article will give you other points about this type of porch swing that will help you see why they are truly the best.

Maintaining An Artificial Lawn – Tips And Tricks

Since of late, one gets to see the artificial lawn being installed in a lot of new homes. You can’t help but think of why the artificial grass is so famous these days. You also tend to muse on how much maintenance is involved.

Setting Up a Water Well in a Remote Location

A water well is sometimes a required element of a remote setup, especially if you live far from any options for connecting to the standard water supply. And yet, at some points it can seem like an impossible task to design and set one up in time if you don’t have access to any specialized resources.

Building a Garden Shed – Directions For Making A Simple Backyard Shed

Most of us need storage space. Building a garden shed would be an ideal way to store your outdoor equipment. Another perk of building a shed is that you can decide on the shed’s size and decorate it in the style that you want. This guide will assist you to build a basic garden shed.

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