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The Phal Orchids

Phalaenopsis (which is pronounced as fayl-eh-NOP-sis) orchids, often referred to as phal orchids or moth orchids, is considered as the most common homegrown of its type. The beautiful blooms and sweet fragrance make it a favorite among orchid growers, aside from the fact that this type of plant is very easy to grow at home.

Tips About Orchid Repotting

Orchids are generally choosy about the quantity of water and temperature they are fed with. The varieties of orchids like the Phalaenopsis or the moth orchids thrive well in humid temperatures. A night temperature between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by a daytime temperature of less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for these varieties to thrive and bloom.

Indoor Gardening With Solar Skylight Tubes

Now that the fall harvest is upon us it’s time to start preparing for winter and then spring! Starting an indoor garden this winter can be easy and fun, its also a great way to have fresh produce around all year and to get a jump start on your garden for next year.

The Most Beautiful Rose Types

It is an undisputed fact that roses are simply enchanting. Your heart would surely melt at a bouquet of roses given to you. Occasions are more meaningful with beautiful flowers like roses. All over the world, roses are very popular in expressing feelings that words just cannot express. We are even luckier that there are various rose types to let us express ourselves in so many colorful and different ways.

Grape Vines Growing on a Trellis

Growing your vines will be a great experience when you think ahead and find out what type of vines you’ll have, and what type of trellis you’re going to need. You can have many different types of trellises. They can be made of a variety of materials. You will have to finish up by making sure you prune and train your vines accordingly.

Did The Hippies Have It Right All Along?

Gardening isn’t just for the hippies anymore. With more and more of us becoming aware of our country’s food industry practices, many of us are turning to more sustainable means to acquire healthy foods.

Yard Sprinkler Systems – The Advantages of Hiring a Pro

Are you considering installing yard sprinkler systems? This is a wonderful way to keep your yard looking lush and beautiful. What is there to know about sprinklers before jumping into installation?

Garden Lights

This article discusses the benefits that garden lighting can provide to your home. This article demonstrates a variety of ways these lights can be implemented, and also shows the diverse amount of products on offer in the electrical market.

What Is A Grow Tent?

A grow tent can easily fit into a small part of a room in your home, allowing you the pleasure of gardening indoors regardless of the size of your home or apartment. In addition, a grow tent may be used in conjunction with a hydroponics system, which allows you to garden and grow plants without the use of soil, a convenient option if you live at the top of an apartment building, or if your soil around your home is poor for encouraging plants to thrive.

Hydroponics Supplies

Hydroponics is an efficient and highly productive method of agriculture. While it etymologically means growing in water, it covers a wide array of alternative agricultural techniques. The most common forms of hydroponics consist of growing in solution culture – a mixture of water and added nutrients, with or without the use of growing media like coco coir, gravel and sand for stability and support.

Hydroponic Nutrients And Your Plants

All plants require food in order to live. If you are a proponent of hydroponic gardening, that is, a method of indoor gardening that replaces the soil that plants would traditionally be grown in with water or another form of growing medium, then you know that the hydroponic nutrients, or plant food, that you give to your plants has a tremendous impact on how they grow, as well as how quickly and effectively they produce vegetables, fruits and flowers. There are hundreds of different kinds of hydroponic nutrients, so a brief overview of a few favorites is in order.

Getting To Know Orchids – Top 5 Orchid Hybrids Worth Getting To Know For Your Orchids Collection

There are over 100,000 orchid hybrids recognized by the official botanical organizations worldwide. With so many varieties of orchid hybrids, keeping up with the new hybrids let alone pronounce their names can be a bit disorienting!

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