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The Phalaenopsis (Moth) Orchid

Deriving its name from the Greek word meaning ‘moth-like’, the flowers on the Phalaenopsis are likened to a moth’s wings in flight. Blooming toward the end of winter or in the first throes of spring, their flowers can last up to three months with each spike producing as many as 25 flowers…

Orchids – Denrodium Orchids in Particular – Why Are They So Special?

Knowing more about the background, special characteristics and features of the dendrodium orchids will help you better care for this magnificent flower. And being able to better care for your plant will enable you to enjoy its beauty and elegance much much longer. This article will give you much more information on the Dendrodium Orchids.

Cymbidium Orchids – 4 Key Tips for Their Growth and Health

Cymbidium orchids are beautiful flowers and they can be a joy to have and grow. but to be successful in growing these wonderful orchids it is important that you know how to grow and care for them. This article will help you to learn more about how to grow them successfully.

Phalaeopsis Orchid Information

The Phalaenopsis orchid also known as phal orchid or moth orchid is one of the most commonly grown indoor orchids sold and is the most commonly found orchid type found in garden centers and nurseries. Their popularity is due to their ability to thrive in average home temperatures and conditions. Because of the recent popularity of moth orchids, they have also become a favorite replacing lilies for bridal bouquets. This is because the purity of their white flowers are unmatched by other flower types and because the increase in supply has brought the cost within reason.

How to Choose Plants For Your Container Garden

Most people choose to grow edible plants in their container gardens, because they don’t think of flowers or houseplants as being the same thing as container gardening. While it is the same basic principle, it’s not generally classified the same way.

Growing Organic Herb Gardens

The healthier the soil is, the better able your herbs will be at fighting off diseases and fending off insect attacks. Quality soil is crucial, and it’s one place you should never skimp on, even if you aren’t gardening organically.

How to Locate an Outdoor Container Garden

The most important part of choosing a location for your container garden is choosing a place where the amount of sunlight is correct for your plants. This may mean locating part of your garden in one area of your yard, and part of your garden in another area.

How to Plan Your Container Garden

If you’re expecting very bad weather, you can temporarily move containers to a safer location, like indoors or into a garage or basement. But there isn’t much you can do for a traditional garden.

How to Easily Grow a Gardenia Plant

A lot of people find it hard to grow this gift plant, but once you understand its needs it can be an attractive indoor and outdoor plant. And with perfect care you can grow this delicate flower all year round without hassles.

How to Plan Your Herb Garden

Some common herbs of this type include oregano, tarragon, bee balm, mint, chives, sweet fennel, and winter savory. They don’t need to be pruned; you just clip them off at ground level at the end of the season.

Herb Gardening For Kids

Don’t overwhelm your child. Children should start out with very small herb gardens. Just three to five plants is probably enough to get started. You want the herb garden to be a fun learning experience for the child, not a back-breaking chore!

The Basic Orchid Types

It seems that Nature had a lavish hand when it came to designing the orchids. Over 1000 different species grace the earth, most of them in the tropical and subtropical regions. As if this diversity was not enough, orchids have been subject to the ministrations of plant breeders since they were first brought to Europe and the United States in the 19th century.

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