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Bedding The Worm Compost Bin

Before you can put your worms in, the worm compost bin need to lined up to provide an ideal condition for the worms to feed and breed. The worm compost bin should be lined up with bedding material that would retain moisture.

Italian Herb Garden – Sage, Cilantro and Fennel

An Italian herb garden can’t cover all the Italian herbs and that’s why this article covers 3 of the most popular Italian herbs which are sage, cilantro and fennel. It covers what they are used for and how to grow them.

How to Make a Worm Composting Bin

Building your own worm bin compost is super simple, and it can get you off to a great start with an easy, and fun home project. Plus your worms will love you for it.

Making a Vegetable Garden Work For You – Planting a Wonderful Vegetable Garden

If you looking at planting and making a vegetable garden you need to understand a few basics before you start digging away and planting seedlings. One of the most important components of having a wonderful and healthy vegetable garden is preparation.

Fitting Bonsai Tree Beauty Into Any Life

Japan has a rich cultural history. One of the practices with a lengthy history is the production of Bonsai trees, which became popular in Japan during the Heian period.

Oriental Ficus Coiled Bonsai

This tree will respond very well to training, via both pruning and wiring. It is a member of the fig family of trees.

Fixing Clay Soil in Your Home Vegetable Garden

Do you have too much clay in your soil? If so you are not alone. Here are some suggestive answers the problem of clay in your soil from vegetable gardeners just like you.

Growing Herbs in Pots is Far More Convenient

Growing herbs in pots is more convenient then growing herbs in the garden. For one thing growing herbs in pots is done in the shelter of your own house, growing herbs in a garden is done out in the elements with its unregulated temperature, dirt, rain and mud.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Learning how to get started can seem a bit overwhelming, but with a smaller sized garden, you can experiment and see what works for you. When you are starting keep the basics in mind.

Organic Rose Gardening For a Healthier Rose Garden

Let’s discuss organic rose gardening because it is better for your roses, you soil and your environment. Eating organic (organic – without the use of synthetic chemicals) has been popular for sometime now because people know instinctively that organic is the way to go, it is better for our health. Natural is better.

Rose Cultivation For Beginners Is Easier Than You Think

For the information just noted, the process to begin is rather simple; therefore, Rose Cultivation For Beginners Is Easier Than You Think. Actually, the hardest part is choosing the type of rose that you would like to have in your garden or on your patio.

How to Build a Beautiful Garden With Very Little Money

With unlimited amount of funds available, any landscape can be turned into an amazing garden. But with limited budget, this goal is not out of reach. One of the obvious ways of reducing costs is to divide the plants and trade them with other landscape gardeners who are interested in doing the same.

My Gardening Style

My attempt at defining my gardening style. Coming to grips with my shortcomings and what I will do to change it.

Good Garden Practices Will Ward Off Tomato Problems

In a perfect world, all of the pests and diseases will show up in someone else’s garden. But the world is not perfect, so you need a plan. The best plan you can employ to give your tomato plants a good fighting chance against pests and diseases is to employ good gardening practices.

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