Setting Up Our Window Boxes on Drip Irrigation! πŸ’¦πŸŒΏ// Garden Answer

Displaying Orchids – Mounted Orchids and Wedding Displays

Discover how to make the most of your orchids when displaying them in the home or at weddings and other events. Why orchid mounts are my favourite display method and which orchid varieties suit this type of display.

Buy Poppy Seeds – Transform Your Garden With Poppies

A wonderful family of species, offering a wide variety of sizes, colors and characteristics, poppies can provide a fantastic accompaniment to every garden. And whether gardeners opt for annual varieties, or perennial species that will return year after year, once you’ve bought poppy seeds a great love affair is likely to start.

Tips On How To Have A Year Round Vegetable Garden

A year round vegetable garden: what a novel idea! Vegetable gardens have served people even before the ancient Greeks or Romans. In fact, vegetable gardening was popular long before more carnivorous endeavors ever were.

How To Find A Suitable Sprinkler Pump

Finding a suitable sprinkler pump depends on what you’ll be using it for. There are many kinds of lawn sprinkler pumps available and if you’re on the verge of buying one then hopefully what’s written here will help you with your research.

Types of Pests and Diseases of Roses

Roses are susceptible to a large number of pests and diseases. These problems are usually associated with different seasons and climates. You find roses that are naturally more resistant to these problems, but with proper cultivation of individual species and proper prevention, you can easily prevent pests and diseases from ruining your roses.

17 Tips and Guidelines to Avoid Orchid Problems

Don’t believe the rumors that orchids are too hard to grow in your home. By following my 17 tips, you can enjoy the beauty of orchids and have healthy plants for years to come. Get the facts and the problems go away.

Vegetable Gardening – Surprising Benefits for Children

There are two significant men in my life who don’t eat their vegetables. These are independent adults who, presumably, could choose to eat nothing but ice cream if they wanted. They both make their own dietary choices every day. Unfortunately for them, most of these choices do not include vegetables. How can you encourage the love of vegetables in your children so that they don’t end up as veggie-haters?

Reel Lawnmowers – Push Power Advantage

In case you aren’t familiar with these marvelous machines, a reel lawn mower is people-powered and has a different type of cutting blade than the typical helicopter-style blade of a more common gas or electric powered mower. It is relatively cheap, great exercise, and environmentally friendly.

Plantable Greeting Cards

Plantable greeting cards are the newest trends in today’s eco-friendly world. These cards enable the receiver to enjoy a sentimental message and then take it and plant it in the ground. Within a few weeks, they can enjoy beautiful wildflowers growing year after year!

A Portable Orchard

There are many advantages to keeping fruit trees in pots: they’re mobile, productive and attractive. However, just as potted plants are easy for you to move, they are also easier to steal. Reputable home insurance, however, can offer you financial protection if your plants are stolen.

Organic Rose Gardening for Beginners

Growing roses is always beneficial to their owners, but the use of pesticides can poison your soil and take over the great benefits of growing roses at home. Organic rose gardening is the best way to raise roses and without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, you will notice you can still receive the same results. Everything is the same when it comes to organic and chemical rose gardening; the only difference is a healthier and more sustainable plant with the use of organics.

Orchid Lighting for Beginners

When it comes to growing orchids, many of us are unsure how much light to provide them. We assume they come from tropical regions, therefore they must require a lot of natural sunlight. This is false. Knowing how to determine the right amount of light for your orchids is the key to their success.

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