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The Three Main Ways to Clone Plants

Cloning is the act of taking a cutting from one plant and growing a new plant from that cutting which retains all the same genetic characteristics of the plant the clipping was taken from. Many people use cloning in order to have a predictable crop rather than taking a chance on different seeds which may or may not end up having the characteristics you are looking for in your new plant. There are three main ways in which growers clone their plants: deep water culture, coco cubes, and aeroponics.

Aeroflo Aeroponic System

Aeroponic systems are getting more and more popular among hydroponics growers around the world. This system has always been thought of as a very difficult system to run with the chance that things will go wrong at any time. However, aeroponics, especially with the aeroflo aeroponic system is actually a lot easier to run than you would think.

Guidelines to Caring For Your Phalaenopsis Orchid

You are delighted with your Phalaenopsis Orchid but are anxious about keeping it healthy. Here you will learn the secrets of caring for your orchid by understanding its specific requirements for daylight, temperature, humidity, watering and nutrients, all of which are presented in a clear non-technical format.

The Best Perennial Plants

Like many people I enjoy my garden and I love it when it looks lovely and appealing. Perennial plants are a great way of bringing colour into the garden without having to plant new plants every season of every year. This type of plant comes into flower year after year for many years. Although they do last for years the flower season only last for six to eight weeks.

Growing Palm Trees at Home

Depending on where you may live there is usually a way to grow palm trees. While it may be a bit of work, the reality is that unless you’re very far north, palms can be grown in all kinds of climates. If you live in a more northern or seasonal climate you may have already written them off as something you simply can’t have. You can and while they will take a bit of extra effort to get started, once you’ve done so, they will literally take over and grow themselves with very little effort from you.

Improve the Fruits of Your Labor With a Soil PH Meter

Sometimes growing plants can be difficult. There could be several reasons, but one of the first things to look at should be the acidity or alkalinity of your garden by using a soil pH meter.

How To Grow Tomatoes In 3 Simple Steps!

Tomatoes are a fantastic, easy to grow and productive fruit you can grow at home. They’re great for both beginners and the more experienced gardeners, with a good growing season and normally plenty of delicious fruit for your kitchen table. There are few plants that will grow so well on their own, but with a little bit of effort you can have outstanding Tomato plants producing lots of fruit for quite some time!

Ways of Growing Orchids Under Lights

It requires a lot of dedication and care to grow these flowers. A whole range of factors like- shade, humidity, watering, soil, air movement, fertilizing and temperature should be kept in mind. For example while watering these plants you have to take care of the right quantity of water they need because they have to be watered differently than the other plants we have in our garden.

How To Build The Perfect Hydroponics Grow Room

The senior most requirement, is a purpose built grow room. A hydroponics grow room requires certain materials to provide certain elements for protection, retention, reflection and safety. These have to be available throughout the plants life cycles.

Using Mulch – Grow Better Tomato Plants

I often advocate the use of mulches for your tomato garden. A good mulch used correctly can be of great benefit. However there are both good and bad mulches and right and wrong ways to apply them. Knowing the differences are vital and getting mulching right will have a dramatic effect on your tomato garden.

Growing Great Orchids – The Most Asked Questions (Part 2)

With these helpful hints you should be well on the way to growing orchids that produce beautiful blooms on a regular basis. In this part of the article I talk about growing orchids in artificial Light. Orchid Pests, Best soil and Best type of pot for your orchids.

4 Orchids to Buy

When it comes to which orchids to buy, I’d like you to concentrate on the ones that will do the best for you as a customer. I will focus on four that I believe will be the most successful for you as a new orchid grower.

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