Seven Ways To Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving!

How to Water Orchids Properly

Watering orchids properly is essential for the health of your plants. To water your orchids the right way, you need to consider the type of plant you have, the potting medium you use, and also the temperature and humidity in your area.

Benefits of Hydroponic Herb Gardening

One of the most popular trends that is going on right now is people growing their own greens and herbs for cooking. This used to be something that you needed outdoor space for but in the last few years, technology has made it so even someone living in an apartment with limited space can grow his or her own herbs. The trend for growing produce instead of buying it has piggybacked on the push for organic and healthier food as obesity in the United States rises, and since there is nothing better for you than vegetables that you grow yourself, gardening has taken off in popularity.

Tips for Better Home Care of House Plants During Winter

During the winter months, while we are trying to keep our homes warm, we are also containing many pollutants in those same boundaries. House plants can remove up to 87% of pollutants from our homes. We especially need this during the winter months.

Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Gardens And Greenhouses

When buying lights for growing plants, the selection depends on what you hope to accomplish. Whether it is starting seedlings, encouraging active bloom production or just wintering over your plants you need to provide a natural type of light to have the best performance in indoor gardens and greenhouses. This article explains the types of grow lights for indoor plans in the market today that can accomplish this for you.

How to Compost Grass Cuttings Fast

There is always one main aspect of a garden that attracts many passers by, and that is your lawn. Once you have mowed your lawn the garden features are much more visible, yet you do find yourself with one problem. How do you get rid of this large amount of grass cuttings? Here is how!

Build A Backyard Greenhouse And Save A Ton Of Cash

Don’t buy a kit, build a backyard greenhouse you designed yourself instead. You’ll save a ton of cash and get exactly the small greenhouse you’ve been looking for instead of having to settle for what ever is available.

Blueberry Plant Pruning and Training – When and How to Prune

Pruning is necessary in caring for blueberry plants because it can help keep plants producing new growth, and high quality fruit. If the blueberry plants are not pruned they will produce smaller, lower quality blueberries. Younger smaller canes produce larger higher quality blueberries.

LED Grow Light Color Spectrum Enhances Growth of Indoor Plants

Led grow lights are very useful for various purposes. One of the main uses is indoor gardening. If the plants are not able to get natural heat and light, they are provided by the led grow light color spectrum you choose for your garden.

Choosing Where To Locate Your Aquaponics System

There are some great advantages to growing vegetables and fish in an aquaponics garden. Getting started and maintaining this kind of system is very simple and it can be a lot of fun. In order for this system to live up to its potential and produce exceptional results, there are some details that you will need to get right.

Aquaponics Backyard Systems

On a global level producing enough safe food to meet the demands of an ever growing population is becoming more and more a daunting challenge. To grow organic crops fresh water and soil is required and there is no new soil being produced so the demand at some point is going to over ride the supply.

How Potatoes Grow

This article focuses on the growth of “white” potatoes – your standard every day potato which is a member of the Solanaceae family which includes tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums.  Sweet potatoes are a different family than white potatoes.

The Importance of Knowing How To Remove Garden Weeds

Garden weeds have always been a nuisance for all those who want their gardens to be in a tip top condition. There are times that you as a gardener would have realized no matter how much you hack and slash them, they have a great propensity to grow back as though you did nothing about it. The worst is seen when you find that your rose plants have started to wilt in the face of these garden weeds and that just might leave you distraught.

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