Shadowland ‘Empress Wu’–A P Allen Smith Favorite!

Hardy Cyclamen – Propagation and Hybrids

Reportedly, cyclamen tubers may be divided like potatoes during their dormant period. Each cut section must contain at least one growing point (eye) on the top and one root bud (initial) on the bottom. The cut tubers should be dried for a few days and dusted with fungicide prior to planting.

Hardy Cyclamen – Past and Present

The Greek doctor and botanist, Dioscorides, documented several medical uses for cyclamen that include its use as a purgative, to speed the delivery of babies, to cause abortions, to make hair re-grow, and as an amorous medicine which caused the person taking it to fall violently in love. The Roman naturalist, Pliny the Elder, described how cyclamen tubers and roots were used to poison fish.

Tricyrtis Hybrids

There are many types of Tricyrtis. Some have an arching stem, some a trailing stem, and some have an erect upright stem. Their flowers may have flat petals, petals that do not open far and are shaped like a bell, or petals that open beyond horizontal and bend backwards (are reflexed).

How to Grow Hydrangeas – Solving Common Hydrangea Problems

Growing hydrangeas is a rewarding hobby. Find out how to diagnose and solve common hydrangea problems.

Orchid Pruning – Step by Step Methods

Orchids have had a reputation as a complicated flower to cultivate for quite a while. This is only partially true. Some of the varieties of orchids require a lot of work and time to grow and tend to be a bit harder on the grower to maintain.

The Fundamentals of Planting Orchids

Orchids are perennial plants. They are the most passionately grown plants in the world and have been commonly associated with exotic, mysterious, and romantic themes in both popular culture and movies. They have been commonly used as symbols to represents themes on mystery and romance. Orchids are also considered some of the most bizarre and diversified flower on the planet and can grow in almost any form and in almost any color.

Rock Gardens – A Beautiful Addition To Any Garden

If you want to improve the looks of your backyard without spending a lot of money, then you should consider putting in a rock garden Folks in the British Isles especially like rock gardens because the climate in the British Isles is not very good for most delicate plants. You don’t find very many plants in a rock garden, and the ones you do find are usually very hardy. The arrangement of the rocks in your garden, when properly complemented by attractive plants with coordinating colors, can add to the beauty of the home and provide a low-maintenance landscape feature that should not interfere with your lawn-mowing practices; rather, it will reduce the amount of space that requires mowing.

Indoor Roses – A Cost Effective Solution

Roses are just plain exquisite. You look at roses and a different kind of electricity fills your very being. If you’re a member of the female gender and your significant other gifts you with a bouquet of red roses, I’m pretty sure that you will jump six feet into the air. Everyone just loves roses! They are beautiful and they are an added attraction anyone’s home or outdoor garden. Now there are those individuals that yearn for roses every single day. Now that’s not a problem if roses were cheap but the fact is they’re not. They are costly and having to buy roses regularly will kill your wallet. So is there an alternative to buying roses? The answer is a steadfast “YES”. Grow indoor roses!

Potting Orchids – Choosing the Right Pot

Potting orchids is a great way to start the road towards caring for your orchids the right way. But the challenge that we face is on choosing the right pot to use. This won’t be a difficult task since there are so many orchid pots to choose from. The problem with a lot of people nowadays when choosing the orchid pot is they place more emphasis on the look and appearance of the pot rather than putting importance on the size of the pot. Orchids are very delicate creatures and you need really prioritize the kind of pot that you choose it to be in.

Paphiopedilum Orchids – Learn Everything You Need To Grow Stunning Pahiopedilum Orchids

These magnificent orchids are sought after by orchid lovers and orchid collectors because of their fascinating beauty that comes in many sizes and colors. The unusual but elegant blooms of Paphiopedilum orchids always make a good addition to any orchid collection.

The Different Kinds of Orchids

Many people think that there are lots of species of orchid plants, but little did they know that there are only 2 types of orchids: the terrestrial orchids and the epiphytic orchids. The former kind of orchids grows on pots while the latter type of orchids can grow on trees and rocks.

Growing A Vegetable Garden

Sadly it seems like the days of growing your own produce are coming to an end. Although people all over the world used to grow all of their own produce for consumption. This was actually a wonderful way of doing things.

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