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Backyard Products

Enhance your home and yard with these backyard products that can help create your dream backyard. GARDEN STATUES AND SCULPTURES You can slowly build a nice looking garden art collection one piece at a time and really give your backyard a classy look. Many nice looking pieces can currently be bought online anywhere from $60 to $120.

How to Start Balcony Composting in 15 Minutes or Less

Why aren’t you composting? If it’s due to space, I may have a good solution for you to try, and you can get started in just a few minutes without spending a dime.

Organic Gardening: Growing Vegetables at Home

This article is a relaxed, but informative introduction to people who are quite new to gardening and are looking to start growing vegetables. It provides step-by-step instructions for beginners which guide the reader through selecting a suitable growing space to choosing plants. It also provides some general and specific tips for vegetable growing and highlights some of its benefits in terms of saving money and improved relaxation.

Running With Rubber Mulch

With it being a relatively new technology, the jury is still out on rubber mulch. Although the Environmental Protection Agency has ruled it safe, skeptics still doubt its usefulness. While these studies continue and scientists fight to prove or disprove their claims, let us take a look at existing usage of this controversial recycled fill.

How to Take Cuttings From Roses

Mature rose plants can be quite expensive to buy, so its good to know that you can grow young rose plants successfully by taking cuttings. Roses are relatively easy to grow from cuttings and will grow on to make healthy flowering plants. September is a good time to take cuttings. Roots will be produced over the winter months and the rose cuttings will be ready to pot on in the spring. Choose health stems from the current seasons growth and follow these few easy steps to produce more of your favourite rose varieties.

Jobs to Do in the Garden During September

September can be a rather frustrating month for the gardener. Summer flowering perennials and annuals are beginning to go over and the garden can on the whole look a little sad. However, now is not the time to dwell on the fading days of summer, but to turn your mind to autumn and tidying up the garden in preparation for winter. Here a just a few of the jobs you can be getting on with in your garden during September.

How to Harvest Culinary Herbs

Most herbs actually benefit from being regularly cut, so if you are growing culinary herbs in your garden, don’t be afraid to use them. Adopting the ‘cut and come again’ approach not only benefits the plants, it also delays them setting seed and will mean that you have access to deliciously fresh herbs to enhance the dishes you cook. The trick is to pick little and often. This will encourage the plants to put out more foliage rather than flower and then go to seed. Here is a short guide on the best ways to harvest some of the most popular culinary herbs.

Preparing an Allotment – Tools for Tall People

With more people getting allotments the need for soil cultivation tools is growing, as is the height of the population. Taller people can greatly benefit from tools made specifically for them as it will make activity easier with less bending.

What Is an Herb and How Are Herbs Used?

This article is an introduction to herbs. It gives the definition of an herb and many facts about how herbs are used today. It answers the question, “just what is an herb and how are herbs used?”

1000 Watt HPS

If you’re looking for the highest possible efficiency for your greenhouse you may want to do a bit of research on high-pressure sodium bulbs. 1000 Watt HPS bulbs could make of giant difference in your greenhouse as far as your growth yield and operating costs. High-pressure sodium is currently one of the most efficient lighting systems that you can use in a greenhouse. Although the cost of replacement can be somewhat expensive for some the energy savings and change in your products will be enough for you to be able to rationalize the cost of switching over your ballasts or bulbs to high-pressure sodium.

A Retrospective Study on the Necessity of Grafting Sealant

Grafting apple and pear trees for hard cider can be done in many different ways. Grafting sealants are often suggested to increase the graft success rate. This study examines the take rate of apple and pear grafts both with and without a grafting sealant.

Growing Plants Without Soil – The Hydroponics Way

Growing plants without soil is a great way to cultivate your plants. Hydroponic gardening is a great alternative to traditional gardening, if you have a somewhat restricted space for plant growing.

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