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Herb Garden Plants – Ground Ivy – Invader Gets the Lead Out

The leaves of these herb garden plants are similar in shape and appearance to a conventional ivy – hence the name ground ivy. Not only will it reward you with its own prettiness, but will also invite butterflies to flit about the garden.

Going Green in a Lean-To Greenhouse

Greenhouses currently seem to fluctuate in their styles and sizes. In today’s cutbacks individuals are turning to greenhouses to assist them grow some of what they eat. A large amount of the time greenhouses come in rectangular or hoop and a few are connected to the house.

What Are the Environmental Benefits From Growing Organic Foods?

Protecting the environment is a responsibility that all of us share the burden of. This article will let you know how environment get benefits from growing organic foods.

A Home Herb Garden For Cooking and Medicine

Once you have put together your home herb garden, whether it is in your backyard or in pots, you need to figure out what to do with your herbs. Making use of herbs from the garden is lots of fun and here we are going to focus on two essential ways: cooking and medicine. Some plants that are primarily used in cooking can also have healthy side effects, while conversely some plants that you thought were just for home remedies can also taste great.

13 Exciting Herbs For Tea Herb Gardening

Drinking tea has been a ritual for hundreds of years in many countries around the world. It is relaxing, it brings together friends, it is great to sip alone on the patio or in front of a good book and some teas even have medicinal properties.

Growing Grapes – How to Grow Grapes

Having grape vines in a backyard may seem unrealistic to many, after all grapes are normally grown in large vineyards by families that have generations invested into their tending and care. However, this is not true; with a little knowledge, patience and ambition growing grapes is possible in most backyards.

Bonsai Trees and Herbs For Apartment and Condominium Balconies

Create a unique environment and expand the living space in your apartment or condominium by growing bonsai trees, herb plants, and exotic plants on your balcony. To get started, begin by thinking about the effect you want to achieve and choose plants that will help you fulfill that vision.

The Magic of Indoor Grow Lights

Do you live in an apartment that lacks a personal garden space? Do you dream of growing roses but lack an outdoor space to do so? If so, you’ll be happy to know that grow lights can help you with your indoor growing needs.

The Advantages of Garden Lighting

All of us fully enjoy late summer evenings in our gardens. It is an enjoyable part of the day when the sun has gone down and made the air comfortable to do outdoor chores, play with the children, have a barbecue, or simply enjoy a stroll or refreshing drink while relaxing. This is a time when we wish to make the most of outdoor living. Though darkness may fall, you still may not wish to retreat to the house. It is a good idea to have some garden lighting installed so that you are able to enjoy this beautiful time of year.

Growing the Green Tea Herb Camellia Sinensis

Green tea (In addition to black tea, white tea and the Japanese favorite oolong tea) are all from the same versatile plant. This green tea herb is called Camellia sinensis. Its popularity is because of its health benefits and the fact that it has beautiful colored flowers and a great smell (Recently it has become a popular part of ornamental and aromatic gardens). Many gardeners will tell you that this herb is particularly difficult to grow. I am not one of these gardeners, but it is worth knowing that it takes a long time to grow and has many peculiar requirements.

Growing Grapevines – The Experts Secrets to Growing Grape Vines

If you are interested in growing grape, you will find that you have a strong interest in grape vines and how you can make sure that yours stay fresh and healthy. The truth of the matter is that growing grape vines is quite simple and the more that you know about this process, the better off you are going to be. Take some time and make sure that you keep some of the basics of growing grape vines in mind; they are not nearly as difficult as you might think they are.

How to Choose the Right Bonsai Plant

Bonsai plant comes in wide selections which are available on the market to choose from. This kind of plant is being well-known today because it offers aesthetic value at your home and it could be useful hobby for you.

Where to Plant Your Roses

Roses grow best in full sun, but not in positions which are too hot or too dry. If you grow roses against a south-facing wall, then they’ll need extra irrigation. There are many more things to consider when planning your rose garden.

Growing Shrubs and Conifers With Annuals in Your Rose Garden

A certain amount of restraint is needed when combining annuals with roses. Annuals tend to come in fairly garish colors which can clash with the colors of the roses.

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