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Organic Gardening – A Healthy Soil Will Reduce Pests and Improve Disease Resistance

Take back control of the environment in your yard and garden. Create a healthy soil structure that will benefit your plants, along with the air we breath and the water we drink.

Planting and Caring For Knockout Roses

To plant or if you are simply caring for knock out roses there are a few things those interested in rose gardening should know. These are a fairly new breed of rose, but are hardier than other newer types. This type of rose will thrive in conditions that others will not, and even in some of the worst conditions, caring for roses of this type can be easy and fun.

Tomato Gardening Tips – Proper Tomato Plant Planting

Nothing beats biting into a juicy, ripe tomato grown in your own garden. And now that spring is here it is prime time for planting this year’s tomato plants. If you are a new gardener you will be happy to know that tomatoes are relatively easy to grow.

How Best to Grow Miniature Roses

Growing miniature roses is a great choice for gardeners at all levels of experience, especially beginners looking to enhance their yard with roses, without sacrificing hours in the process of growing them. Like their full sized counterparts, miniature roses are grown in all shapes and colors, but unlike their larger counterparts, they require much less upkeep.

When Should I Plant Tomatoes? Tomato Gardening Tips

One of the most common questions new gardeners ask is, “When should I plant tomatoes?” If you walk into some retail stores, you might get the impression that you can plant tomatoes whenever you want.

Growing Miniature Roses in Pots

There are many types of pots from wood to ceramic, clay and plastic. Wood pots are known to not last as long as plastic, and also dry out very quickly therefore stealing moisture. Plastic pots are the most economical option, as they last longer than others and tend to hold water better than other options.

Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree

This article explains a few things about bonsai, and if you’re interested, then this is worth reading, because you can never tell what you don’t know. Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you’re fully informed about bonsai, keep reading.

How to Make a Deer-Proof Fence

A good fence is one of the best ways of keeping deer off your property, and out of your gardens and other areas. Even if you don’t live near a forested area, deer are still quite common. As long as they’re not harmed, they can live in urban neighborhoods with a few trees and bushes. And, of course, your gardens!

Living Soil in Three Simple Steps

Living soil may seem like a strange thought, but what exactly is living soil? Some organic gardeners understand this system and use it. Living soil is what it sounds like, it’s soil that is bursting with microbial activity and teeming with life.

Inside Secrets to Making Compost Tea

The simple formula is to have a bucket full of water and some compost material tied up in a bag or sack. You can stir it manually once a day. Let it soak for a few days and then spread it over your garden.

How to Grow Tomatoes – Creating the Perfect Tomato Garden

If you love biting into a juicy, ripe tomato then you need to learn how to grow tomatoes. Nothing beats being able to pick a tomato right from your garden. Follow these simple tips and you will be on your way to creating the perfect tomato garden.

Garden – Home Gardening

Just in the mood for your very own home garden, here are some basic tips for a beautiful rewarding garden. This article talks about creating a garden bed, planting and the tools needed for the work.

A Guide to Planting Roses

Most successful growers follow a fairly universal guide to rose planting for fool-proof results. These guidelines, second nature to anyone with experience in rose cultivation, will make gardening the lavish florals an easy task for gardeners at any level of expertise.

Mulching Your Tomato Plants

When maintaining your own garden for produce, mulching is a must. This is especially true with tomatoes.

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