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Top Tips For Growing Climbing Roses

They grace the trellises of English tearooms and the archways of European gardens. Climbing roses, a meandering sibling of the more traditional rose varieties, provides a unique floral embellishment to a garden landscape. Many growers believe that no garden is complete without some ornamental climbing roses.

The Organic Rose Gardener

Most gardeners today are learning everything they can about organic paths to plant care, and back-to-natural rose gardening is experiencing resurgence among rose growers. Since ancient times people all over the world have been cultivating roses, and until the past century it had always been done organically.

One of the Top Tomato Gardening Tips – Master Your Tomato Watering!

If you do not use proper watering, your juicy tomatoes will not be quite what you hoped for. Pretty simple guidelines is all you need to understand how to manage a common sense watering schedule.

Enjoying Garden Ornaments

Reflect your taste and personality with Garden Ornaments! For example, a whimsical Wind Chime can denote a fun, playful spirit while a Zen garden can demonstrate a more peaceful, meditative personality. Let your garden be a reflection of what you are. Change the seasonal theme by adding Garden Ornaments that focus on the time of year.

Everything About Rose Bush Care

You’d be hard pressed to find a gardener who has included rose bushes in their floral repertoire and didn’t walk away thrilled with the return on investment received for their efforts. Few garden icons compare to the rose in charm and richness. Grown for thousands of years in almost every corner of the inhabited world, roses have long been considered a symbol of elegance.

Invasive Or Safe?

There is a growing problem with invasive plants taking over native habitat. Do you know which are a problem in your area?

How to Keep Your Peonies Beautiful

The peony is definitely about the longest-living perennial plant you will probably ever see. How do you make them “shine”?

Old Money Saving Niche Making a Comeback – Canning

It is quite common for the American family to have a garden growing in the backyard and up until recently, the produce that the garden produced was used when it was needed or wanted. Due to the recession however, amateur and professional gardeners have jumped on the canning ship in order to save every ounce of produce that their gardens are producing.

What is an Italian Herb Garden?

An Italian garden is one of unlimited potential. Italy holds the most famous and tastiest of culinary herbs. This is why Italian cuisine is so good – they use the best herbs.

Organic Gardening Adventures Continued – Best Vegetables For Wet Climates

Barbara mixes organic gardening tips, a lot of rain and a good compost pile with a good sense of humor and adventure. By reading about her adventures/misadventures you can avoid these mistakes yourself.

Bonsai Citrus Tree Facts

The bonsai citrus tree is commonly found throughout Asia and the Mediterranean. It is fairly easy to find in these countries, however those looking to purchase a bonsai tree in the West may have difficulty finding a suitable specimen. The citrus tree is also more commonly known as the orange tree.

Worm Farming As One of the Ways to Recycle Food Waste Effectively

Information on why worm farming is an excellent way to recycle foodwaste effectively. Steps on how to start a worm farm, what to put as bedding in the worm bin and what to feed the worm.

Homegrown Hydroponics PC Grow Box is Incredible!

When I read in a recent magazine that you simply can grow 3 plants inside a computer tower situation I claimed no way! But I put my foot in my mouth following giving the PC grow box a fair chance, and I’m definitely happy to be mistaken enormously.

Growing Bonsai Trees – Bonsai Tree Care Basics

If you want to grow a bonsai tree, you need to give it proper care and maintenance, if you do that, you’ll get a beautiful tree. Growing bonsai is all about the passion and dedication to give the tree what it needs to stay healthy and beautiful. Knowledge is very important, even if you know how to grow normal trees, you’ll see that bonsais are really different.

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