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Organic Lettuce is Easy to Grow All Year Long With Hydroponics

Growing organic lettuce or other crops in your home is easy and mess free with a table top hydroponic unit. This soil less unit is fun, educational and promotes healthy eating habits. Consider a hydroponic unit for your home!

13 Rose Gardening Tips For Healthy Roses

Many of us who have been doing roses for a while have very little patience for those who have not yet learned the good and proper way to grow roses. We tend to forget how it was when we fist started. We had to learn the tips and strategies of placement, how much water to give them, how deep to plant them, and etc. Let’s not forget that the newcomers are no different and they will soon learn how to do it right, just like we had to learn it.

Quick Tips For Rose Bush Pruning

One basic thing about roses that every rose gardener needs to know is how to prune roses. While the thought of pruning roses can be intimidating, by following a few simple principles, anyone can successfully prune a plant resulting in beautiful and vigorous plants.

Feeding and Fertilizing Your Roses For Proper Rose Bush Care

Everyone wants beautiful roses; however, not everyone gets them. The main reason people do not get the results they want from their roses is from improper rose bush care. However, by checking these three simple factors you can ensure an optimal condition for growing your roses.

3 Tips For Great Peppers in Your Home Vegetable Gardening

Peppers are the number two most grown vegetables, behind tomatoes, in the home vegetable garden according to a recent study by the United States Department of Agriculture. Many home vegetable gardeners simply take a pepper seed, drop it in a hole, give it some water and hope for the best. However there are some great tips to increase the produce output of the pepper plants you grow.

Add the Pergola Effect to Your Garden

Pergolas have been around in one form or another for a long time, but they can be just as effective as a centerpiece in today’s gardens as they were in Renaissance Italy, helping to transform your outdoor space in an instant. There are many different types available, from free standing structures to walkways and extensions. Whichever you choose, you can be sure it will make the perfect addition to your garden.

Greenhouse, Vegetables, Fruits and the Lawn in Early July

In the Greenhouse all free and fast growing plants will call for a succoring drink of liquid manure. Antirrhinums have proved themselves to be excellent pot plants, and the F. hybrids should be sown.

Some Early July Gardening Tips

In the flower garden there is now profusion as we enjoy more roses, phloxes, campanulas, heleniums, hemerocallis (day lilies) and gladioli etc. etc. Indeed there are enough flowers for everybody.

Vegetable, Fruit, and Lawn Preparation in Mid May

It is important to stress the value of the easy-going Kohl-rabi particularly to gardeners who have been unsuccessful with parsnips. It is a biennial that makes a useful catch crop and the great bonus is that thinnings can be easily transplanted. Runner beans can be planted out in warm gardens. A batch of runner beans for seed-saving should be sown at the end of the rows.

Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are an essential part of any garden because they can fill in spots where you cannot grow a regular plant or place a garden bed. There is always an empty spot that needs covering, or a background (e.g. a wall) that can be used for color. They are a good solution to cover an ugly fence or the old garden shed down the back.

Tips on Gardening

Anyone can set out to have a garden. Anyone can also make a garden. What that garden will look like is a different story. You should get a few pointers from someone you know and has experience on how to go about doing this garden thing. The more information you have before you start, the better off you will be. Lets look at some things you should know before you even start a garden

Growing Lavender Plant Varieties in the Finest Conditions and How to Use Them

Growing lavender plants is a very simple process. They are a very well adapt plant and can survive in many conditions. Even though the plant did originate from the warmer climate of the Mediterranean.

Growing Lavender Plant Types Suitable For Your Area

The Mediterranean is the original home of the lavender plant and it loves to grow in sunny areas. It is not particular about what kind of soil it must be grown in because originally it was grown in rocky soil in very dry weather. This makes growing lavender plant an easy start to your herb garden.

Roses Are Red and Many Other Colors Too!

What do you consider are the best roses? Do you choose by color, variety or style?

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