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How to Plant Roses

Before even planting roses you should find an area in the garden which has good drainage and gets at least 4 to 5 hours of sun everyday. This area should also not be too crowded with other trees or plants.

Fight Pests That Kill Your Container Tomatoes

When you are growing container tomatoes, there are still pests that will attack your garden. Learn about these pests and kill them to grow the biggest, juiciest tomatoes.

Rainbarrels Made From Recycled Plastic

Although rainbarrels made of recycled plastic are the most affordable way to harvest rain water, most people do not make them the most preferred material for water collection container. There are many rain barrels made of recycled plastics and they are very practical for this purpose contrary to what most people may think.

Winter Flowers

Daisies, lavender, daffodils, roses, lilies, tulips are some of the winter flowers that can be found widely in beautiful gardens during winter. These flowers are available in different shades of yellow, purple, orange and red. Gardeners take a lot of initiatives in arranging these winter flowers in a creative manner.

Growing Herbs at Home

Do you enjoy cooking with herbs but spend scads of money on overpriced herbs at the supermarket? Do you know how easy growing your own herbs can be. Try planting a small garden with just herbs and some popular herbs are: Basil, chives, oregano, cilantro and parsley.

Grow Your Own Vegetables in Your Garden Or Backyard

Many people are fond of growing vegetables in their garden, if you are among those, who want to grow vegetables in the garden then with the help of vegetables seeds and some useful techniques, you can easily Grow Your Own Vegetables in your backyard or garden. Many nursery shops keep varieties of Veg Seeds in their store; you can select the one, which requires specific efforts, and grows in less time. Some of the Vegetable Seeds are cumin seeds, which are also known as jeera.

Tea Herb Gardening – A Decision to Make

We learned about mini herb gardening and some tips on how to grow them without of course, spoiling them. This time we can grow our own herbal tea when we practice tea herb gardening in our daily lives.

Fertilizer Burn on Your Lawn

Fertilizer burn on your lawn is a big problem. The soil is essentially overdosed by a spill or to heavy an application of fertilizer.

Steps on Planning an Environmentally Sound Garden

A garden filled with shrubs and trees does not always create a positive impact on the environment. If you really want to reduce the carbon footprint of your home and create a lawn that is sensitive to the environment, you should read this article. It explains the step-by-step guide of planning a design for your yard without ignoring its probable impact on the ecological system.

Top Reasons Why You Should Go For Container Gardening Today

If you are among the increasing lot of people who want to switch over to container gardening, then you are in the right place. You can find plenty of useful details on this latest type of gardening here. Millions of people around the world are trying out container gardening these days.

Design Secrets of Choosing Plants For Container Gardening

The secret of choosing the right plants for container gardening depends entirely on the needs of the plant. So the first and most important consideration should be where the container is finally going to be placed.

How to Stake Tomatoes

If you want a healthy tomato plant and want to improve the quality of your tomatoes, you will need to stake them. Basically, staking requires you to plant a stake deep into the soil to allow the plant to grow around it.

Beginner Flower Garden – Tips For a Beautiful Garden

Planting a flower garden can be overwhelming for anybody let alone a beginner! Learn how to plant the perfect garden and choose the right lawn decor to accent the flowers and plants. There are easy and manageable steps to take in order to create the garden of your dreams.

Companion Planting in Your Home Vegetable Garden

Last Thursday I posted a simple question on our vegetable gardening Facebook page. I asked, do you use one crop to support another in your home vegetable garden? The comments and feedback were tremendous.

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