Should You Buy a Lomi Composter?

Planting Distances Between Your Rose Plant

How far apart you plant your roses will depend on the height and spread of the individual varieties, as well as the soil type and the local climate. The following distances are recommended for both floribundas and hybrid teas planted in a rose bed.

Tea Herb Gardening – Which Plants Should You Choose?

If you are a tea lover you know that nothing compares to sitting down with a hot cup of tea to relax. Nothing that is expect growing your own herbs! You can easily start tea herb gardening, read on.

Planting and Watering Your Rose Plant

The successful flowering of a rose has a big correlation with how it is planted. If you follow this procedure when planting your rose, you’ll end up with strong lively roses in your garden.

What is the Best Type of Greenhouse For My Use? Will I Need to Heat My Greenhouse in the Winter?

I am often asked what Greenhouse is best for wintering plants? And my question back has always been two fold; “Where do you live, and what type plants are you wintering over?”

What Are the Different Soil Mixes For Seedlings and Grow-Boxes? Ratios and Preferred Mix

You can produce your own soil mixes to start seedlings and fill containers or grow-boxes. Using clean even sterile soil helps grow a healthy sustainable organic garden, keep your garden clean and weed free.

Have You Tried Brewing an Herbal Tea to Alleviate Symptom of Colds and Flu?

Listed below are some common herbs used to fight colds and flu. Use a combination of 2 to 3 herbs, about 1 teaspoon of the dried variety. After experimenting you will find the blend that best suits your symptoms and your taste buds.

How to Weather Proof Your Garden Furniture This Winter

Before you start, give your garden furniture a thorough clean. The easiest way is with a simple sponge and soap and warm water, which should get rid of most dirt.

Why Doesn’t My Japanese Maple Turn Red?

There may be a number of reasons why this is so, but the main cause is often the micro climate in which the tree lives. Here is a good case example of what happens to two otherwise identical maples when the micro climate is quite different.

What Basic Tools Are Required For Gardening?

Do you just love getting out in the garden and getting your hands dirty? There are a lot of people who get a lot of pleasure out of gardening because not only can it be productive but can as relieve stress for a lot of people who like to garden. There are some great basic tools that can allow you to make your gardening much easier.

Can I Make Money From Growing Herbs?

Are you looking for a way to make a profit from your herb garden? You can definitely generate a lot of revenue through these herbs. If you want to make profit you have to market your herbal plants.

Reducing the Intrusion of Your Indoor Garden on Your Indoor Life

Indoor gardening is an increasingly popular hobby that allows green-fingered growers to continue producing their own fruit and veg all year round by growing under lights in a controlled environment. Containing this growing environment is essential for maintaining optimal growing conditions and also allows you to minimise the impact of your indoor growing space on your living area.

Amazing Produce Yields With Greenhouse Hydroponic Gardens

The benefits of greenhouse hydroponic gardening are very powerful, offering a much higher yield when compared to traditional gardening methods. One acre of traditionally grown tomatoes would yield anywhere from 5 to 10 tons, while the same area planted and grown hydroponically would yield about 60 to around 300 tons. A just single example of the power of hydroponics growing!

My Top Tips For Great Herb Gardening

Are you passionate about herb gardening? Then you are required to follow these simple tips to make your gardening experience all the more wonderful. Herb plants give a lot of benefits in the forms of providing beauty to the garden, adding taste to your food through the spices as well as filling your home with great fragrance. These herbs can be very useful as many of them possess a lot of healing qualities.

What Does Make the Perfect Herb Garden?

Herbs with their numerous health benefits are fast gaining in popularity among the health conscious. Herbs are known to be an aid to general well being and are also known to have several medicinal uses. Many of the commonly used herbs are available at stores near you. However when you buy in stores you cannot be sure of their freshness or it being organic. So if you use herbs regularly, it makes sense to have your own herb garden.

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