Simple Garden – An Introduction

The Hottest Pepper: All About the Ghost Chili

The hottest pepper is guaranteed to be the spiciest thing you’ve ever eaten, and the truly nuclear ones are very rare and hard to find. Read all about the ghost chili, or Bhut Jolokia, which was named the world’s hottest pepper by Guinness World Records in 2006.

Springtime Number 59

This Springtime will be number 59 for me. While I must admit I don’t think I can recall much about the first five or six I can remember from my seventh being at my Grandmothers house across the street and having an Easter egg hunt with my cousins.

Flower Gardening: What Makes It Fun and Easy?

Flower gardening is a fairly easy task and it is a kind of hobby that is quite practical and very fun to do. Nowadays, more and more homeowners would really like to grow flowers all around the exteriors of their houses. It’s mainly because flowers are…

Essential Tips On Herb Gardening

Most garden herbs also make for great container garden plants. Here are several reasons why this is the case: – Most herbs are typically small and even the larger ones can be planted in relatively small pots.

History and Health Benefits of Heirloom Carrot Seed

Carrots have not always been the color we associate with them today. Read more information about their history and uses throughout the ages, as well as their health benefits.

Planting Heirloom Tomato Seeds in the Garden Provides Color, Nutrition and Flavor

Learn more about the varieties of heirloom tomato seeds that are available and their benefits. Saving seeds for planting the next year is one of these benefits and allows gardeners the ability to begin creating a sustainable lifestyle.

Gardening Tools – The Main Gardening Tools You’ll Need

There are many garden tools available today all designed to make this hobby easier. You don’t really need to buy all those fancy gadgets but there are some tried and true tools that you should have as “staples” for your gardening.

Tree Stump Removal and Tree Removal – Better Now Than Later

Tree removal may seem like something that can wait for later, but you really may want to work on your yard sooner than later. Leaving dead trees and stumps in your yard can actually cause problems. Here are two issues you may want to think through: safety and preservation of property.

Decorative Vegetables for Outdoor Planters

You don’t have to have a large piece of ground in order to grow vegetables. Most vegetables can easily be grown in outdoor planters. Just make sure the containers you use are large enough to accommodate each variety of vegetable as they grow to maturity. For instance when growing root vegetables you will need to make sure you use a deep planter with plenty of room for the root crop to grow. If you are torn between growing flowers or vegetables on a small patio it is worth knowing that vegetable plants don’t have to be dull in appearance, there are plenty of varieties that will either give you pretty flowers or attractive structure and foliage. Also remember you can also grow both! Here is a short guide to some vegetable crops and varieties you can grow in outdoor planters that will not only give you your own delicious home grown produce but also an attractive display.

The Best Juicy Organic Tomatoes

It really isn’t difficult to grow juicy organic tomatoes, but it helps to follow the tips of people who grow the best juicy tomatoes, especially when the process they follow is a little different to the norm. David and Anneke Blake are the owners of a successful market garden near Oxford in the UK, and they do things a little differently.

Organic Gardeners Beware / Propagating Potatoes

Today I am going to give you information on other methods on Propagating Organic Potatoes. If you have a nasty old bag of potatoes at the bottom of your pantry that are sprouting and going green, each one of the clusters of little plants is a potato plant. Potatoes are obviously the root crop of the plant and we can’t make potatoes without the plant.

The Ever Growing Importance of Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is an ever increasing trend and an important one for a healthier, happier future. Put simply, organic gardening is an environmentally friendly, people friendly style of gardening. Don’t be put off, its not as hard of a change as some may think. Read the article and find the inspiration the organic gardener inside you needs.

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