Simple tip for bigger carrots

5 Top Container Garden Tips

Having a container garden has many practical advantages. It isn’t a particularly new idea, but one that is often overlooked when it is really the best answer. Containers can be used in conjunction with a traditional gardening arrangement, or they can be the garden. This is especially useful if you are limited for space. We are all familiar with the humble window box. This is the same basic idea, but usually the idea is extended to mean pots, a box, urn or half barrel at ground level containing herbs, plants or flowers.

Solving Plant Troubles in the Greenhouse

Greenhouses provide ideal conditions for the growth of disease and plant pests. By practicing prevention, you should be able to stop any problems from occurring. Take the steps outlined here to keep your greenhouse disease and pest free. However, if problems do occur, then immediate action must be taken. This article outlines the steps you should follow.

Starting a Market Garden

Starting a market garden is a great idea to turn your fondness for plants into profit. All you need is a little investment, basic resources such as a stable source of water, and enough space and time in order to cultivate a decent income.

Creating a Water Feature in Your Garden – How to Start

Firstly, decide on the mood or style of your feature, and how it will look as part of the overall garden: it could, for instance, be informal, with curving sides and associated planting to make a natural setting. Or, it could be very formal, comprising a water feature with lots of straight edges and very little planting.

Get Ready For Summer – An Easy Way to Have an English Country Garden

The worst is over. It seems the snow has gone and we can now at least start looking forward to the warmer months, and in particular the summer time when we can at last enjoy the fresh air and greenery of our back gardens.

Back to Nature – Eco Gardening Tools

Now the worst of the winter is receding it’s time to look forward to the warmer months and getting back to the garden or allotment. However, many people choose the new year to resolve to live a little more environmentally friendly and the garden is one place where we can make a difference.

Filter Designs For Your Garden

The main problem with smaller pump-fed filters is that they are not adequately equipped to deal with the solids loading – they fall down mechanically, requiring such frequent maintenance that pond-keeping ceases to be a pleasure. If you can afford it, and have room for it, opt for a filter that is larger than the minimum recommended for your size of pond. The larger the filter, the longer the intervals will be between cleanings.

Keeping the Bottom of Your Cuttings Warm – Part 4 of 4

This is part 4 of a 4 part series on the temperature requirements of softwood cuttings while being rooted under intermittent mist. Read on to learn how to keep the bottoms of your cuttings warm.

Keeping Your Softwood Stems Moist – Part 3 of 4

This is part 3 of a 4 part series on the temperature requirements of softwood cuttings while being rooted under intermittent mist. Read on to learn why it is important to keep the cutting’s stems moist.

Organic Gardening Guide – An Easy and Simple Procedure to Cultivate Your Garden

If you think that having your own organic garden is impossible, for you do not know anything about it, well, you are definitely wrong. Most of the best gardeners out there started with as little knowledge as you. Organic Gardening Guide is very simple; there are now so many gardening websites online that can help you grow organic vegetables at your garden.

Choosing the Right Type of Garden That You Will Surely Enjoy

For some people, gardening is more than just a hobby. They have found joy and serenity in this type of craft. But if you have never done gardening before and want to indulge yourself into it, there are some things that you need to consider before you start. You should know what type of garden you want to have, as there are different types to choose from.

How to Choose Lovely Outdoor Garden Benches

Do you want to have a lovely garden? OK, landscape design is very important.

Start Vermicomposting With Composter Plans

Enlist the help of some unusual ’employees’ who can perform a service called vermicomposting. The little red wiggler earth worms are one of the single best resources of compost by eating and processing organic waste. Its great! No benefits, vacation pay and since they are doing what they love to do they never call is sick either. You can get started with your own vermicomposting system quite simply with the following directions and composter plans.

Gardening Jobs During February

February hopefully won’t be as cold and as snowy as January so more will be able to be done in the garden. If the ground has dried out since January you will be able to lay turf, although this should be avoided if there is still a chance of frost. Any damaged edges that you didn’t get a chance to recut during January, then now is the time to do it.

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