Spotlight: Beyond Midnight Caryopteris

Gardenia Plants Grown Indoors and Outdoors

Gardenia plants and being able to understand all their needs can be grown outdoors in your landscaping or as houseplants. Gardenia plants prefer to have partial shade outside and plenty of sunshine grown indoors.

Tips for Growing Garlic

Learn to grow garlic in your garden and indoors. This versatile seasoning is one of the essential ingredients in many recipes. Garlic is easy to grow and can even protect your other garden crops from insect attacks.

Learning How to Grow Grape Vines

When you are still learning hot to grow grape vines, it is important that it would be easier for you if have selected the best variety that will flourish in your location. More and more backyard growers are becoming successful in growing grapes in the garden or backyard even with very extreme climate.

Natural Gardening Tips for Growing Beans – Intensively and Fast

An easy bio-intensive system for growing more beans or peas in a small garden. Using this ultra-lazy method, the legumes inhibit weeds automatically and provide their own mulch.

What to Grow in a Garden – 5 of the Easiest Things to Grow in Your Garden

Do you want to start a garden but you don’t know what plants are the easiest to grow? Here is a list of five vegetables that will grow great in almost any garden!

What to Grow in a Garden – 10 Things You Should Plant in Your Garden

Do you want to plant a vegetable garden but you just aren’t sure what to plant? Here are 10 things that grow well in almost any garden.

Why Choose LED Grow Lights?

LED Grow Lights have increased in popularity during the last few years and have turned into a safe option to traditional Grow Lights. LED lighting is a good source of artificial light for your plants, and they’re Eco friendly too.

Aquaponics Systems Designs

There is no magical way to design an aquaponics system; the best approach would be to design a system that will meet your goals and your skill level. It would be easy to expand into a more complex system once you have your basic system performing smoothly. Some of the commonly used methods are the flood and drain method, the continuous flow method and the stand pipe timer method. You would have to take into consideration how much maintenance would be required and the time you have to dedicate to your project and the space you have to work with.

Key Factors That Affect the Growth Of An Orchid Dendrobium

Like all other orchid types, Dendrobiums need to grow in an environment which is similar to their natural growing conditions in the wild forests. If you want to provide the best care for this orchid, you must meet its requirements especially proper amounts of light, water, humidity and temperature.

Bonsai Are a Lot More Than Little Trees

“What’s bonsai all about?” Here are some things I discovered.

Wonderful Garden Accessories Brighten Up The Home And Garden Too

This article highlights the use of garden accessories to bright up the garden and makes it look very attractive. It also goes on to suggest how to do this plan.

Garden Decorations Can Be Used Indoors Too

This article discusses all kinds of decorations to brighten up the home and garden too. It also goes on to show how these decorations can be used in the home to give a lovely atmosphere.

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