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Vegetable Garden Planning – Drying Herbs

Drying herbs is a terrific way to make your vegetable garden planning pay off all through the year. There is nothing that makes a winter dish tastier than the herbs that you picked from your garden in the summertime.

A Short History of Roof Gardens

The hanging gardens of Babylon were probably the most famous roof gardens of all time. One of the Seven Wonders of the World probably constructed during the rebuilding of Babylon by Nebuchadrezzar II to console his wife Amytis who missed the greenery of her homeland, Media. We only have mention of the gardens from writings made 200 years after their destruction probably by Xerxes I around 482BC. It is described as having lofty stone terraces, closely reproduced mountain scenery with planting to create the mountain surroundings of Media.

How to Start a Garden in Your Backyard

Imagine fresh tomatoes on your evening salad and bright berries on your morning cereal. It is possible to the freshest and healthiest food right from your backyard.

Organic Gardening – Keeping Plants Healthy and Happy to Prevent Disease and Pest Problems

Take care of the plants in your organic garden and they will reward you with a thriving crop. Handle your plants with care and respect.

How to Start Tomatoes From Seed

It is not at all difficult to start your plant from the seed. All you need is just a little planning. Here are some easy steps and some great ideas to help you get your from seeds to a juicy tomatoes.

Pest and Disease Control For Your Organic Garden

Creating a balanced system to control pest naturally in your organic gardens. A healthy and environment friendly way. Grow a healthier garden in a healthy atmosphere.

Garden Enhancements – Build a Fountain

We all love the sound of running water in our gardens. It is one of the most relaxing sounds after a hard day at work. We can drown our aggregation and issues in the fountain rather than in martinis. Or at least be happy with the fountain and the martini simultaneously. Fountains can be ornate three-tiered, 8′ high, metal or concrete types or simple submersible pump-driven water in an ornamental pot or fountain head. Building a simple yet good fountain can be done in an afternoon.

Garden Compost Bins – Five Tips For Effective Garden Composting

Did you know that each person in America generates 1300 pounds of municipal solid waste per year? Rather than letting that waste sit in landfills, consider using a garden compost bin.

Things You Need to Do Before Starting to Grow Your Chinese Herbs

Lots of people make a complaint that their Chinese herbs don’t flourish in the house. As outlined by them, regardless of how they attempt to coax their crops to develop, these herbs basically turn yellow and after that brown.

General Information Pertaining to Organic Food Farming

Since organic food is usually more expensive than non-organic food, many people may hesitate to buy organic food. Considering the good husbandry practices, crop rotations, use of organic feed for animals and preservation of natural habitats, it is understandable if organic food farming involves more cost compared to non-organic farming.

Frequently Asked Questions About Growing Winter Tomatoes

Is growing winter tomatoes possible or just a waste of time? If you are a novice or not we always get frequently asked questions about growing the best and full flavored homegrown tomatoes, especially growing tomatoes inside during the winter unless you are already an expert on this field.

How to Get That Eye Catching Herb Garden

Wouldn’t you like to have a herb garden that is organized and looks good? Wouldn’t you prefer a good looking one rather than a garden that looks like a dump site? It will not just have and effect of people but this will boost your will to take good care of your herb garden.

Understanding Roses and Pruning – How to Prune Roses

Roses and pruning is an essential skill for rose care, yet nothing seems to intimidate the beginner rose gardener as much as how to prune roses. This is for good reason though, with all the information and so called perfect way to do it!

Perennial Container Gardening

Container gardening is quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to garden. This increase in popularity of container gardening is directly related to the increase in the number of elderly gardeners, as these people want to maintain their gardening passion while managing their limited mobility. Regardless of why you are doing it, let’s look at how you can maximize your container gardening experience by planting a perennial container garden.

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