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How to Select a Greenhouse For Your Allotment

Many gardeners find that greenhouses can be an enormous help when planting seeds and growing young plants to be set out in early spring. You will most likely have a non-heated greenhouse, but rest assured that it can almost always give adequate protection to vegetables like aubergines, cucumbers, and tomatoes as well as to fragile fruits such as grapes, peaches, and kiwi.

Benefits of Pruning Your Rose Tree Garden

The hardest part about pruning is to know exactly when to prune. This will vary by the type of rose bush you have. It is not recommended to prune roses in the fall unless they are in an area that is exposed to strong winter winds. For most rose types, you will need to prune in the early spring to a height of about ten to twelve inches.

Planting Tomatoes For a Long Harvesting Season

The growing time of a tomato plant is not really that long and most plants will bare ripe fruit anywhere from 65 -85 days. Because the cycle is so short many gardeners like to lengthen the harvesting time where possible. Here are some tips on how to lengthen the harvesting time of your home grown tomatoes.

How to Fix a Trellis to a Wall

The trellis should be sturdy and in good condition. Ensure it has been treated with wood preservative. Take the trellis panel to the wall and mark its position. The bottom of the trellis should be about twelve inches from the ground. Drill holes for fixing the spacers and insert plastic or wooden plugs. Drill the equivalent holes in the wooden batten and secure it to the wall, checking with a spirit level that it is horizontal. Use a piece of wood that holds the trellis at least one inch from the wall.

Lilium (Asian Group) – ‘Red Sensation’

There is a new lilium flower which is known as Red Sensation flower. It’s been on the market for past few years but still not many people know interesting facts about different types of lilium flowers.

Iris Flower Meaning

Iris means rainbow. The flower Iris belongs to the Greek Goddess Iris, the Love messenger.

Three Things to Consider to Landscape Your Garden

The art of landscape is not a small task; you have to put a lot of time and energy on it. Let’s discuss a few tips to help you save money and time before you decide to contract a professional for the job.

The Top Ten Things You Must Know About Watering Orchids

Are you killing your orchids by watering them? This article discusses the most important things you need to know to avoid the pitfalls that will destroy your plants.

Easy Tips For Repotting Orchids

Repotting orchids is one of the basic requirements for this plant to grow and thrive. Knowing why you repot an orchid, when to repot and the basic steps to repot will ensure a healthy, blooming orchid for many years to come. Here are easy tips for repotting the 9 easiest to grow orchids.

Five Ways To Make Money From Your Garden

Working the garden is great for your glutes, your tan and now this summer – your wallet. Here are some great ideas to help you make the most of your plot this season.

Successful Methods For Watering Orchids

Always keep in mind that orchid plants are indigenous to tropical environments where they are used to high levels of humidity and frequent rainfall. But don’t be tricked by the word “frequent” – your orchid should be watered sparingly.

Garden Mistakes

Many of us love gardening but not all of us know how to do that to achieve a success. It is not a problem if we stay on the basic level. But it might become one if we would want to make our garden more original. That is why it is worth to know some come mistakes made by gardeners amateurs to not to make them in our own gardens.

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