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Functions of a Garden Designer

A Garden Designer is a professional or amateur who designs the plan and features of gardens. While professional designers are more experienced and work for various clients for set fees, amateurs design their own gardens or those of friends and relatives just as a hobby. Garden designs and landscape design work hand in hand.

Lady Fern is a Wonderful Oregon Native Plant

Lady fern is highly demanding species of plant, as people use to put them in baskets and pots as a decorative material. This particular species has maintained its presence right from ancient times.

The Best Options in Artificial Lights For Growing Orchids

To grow orchids under ideal lighting conditions it is necessary to provide some sort of artificial lighting for the plants. This article covers the most common options with pros and cons for each type of light.

Growing Tomatoes – A Step-by-Step Guide

Tomatoes are a useful fruit that many people love to plant and grow at their own home. Growing a garden can be a fulfilling use of your time and it is also very beneficial in the long run. However, there are many of us who just do not know how to go about planting tomatoes. Here is a step by step guide to growing tomatoes from seeds.

The Grape Vine Trellis – 3 Important Considerations

Most gardeners are aware that when growing grapes, you will need to construct some kind of support structure to guide and encourage the growth of your vines. The reason for this is that grape vines are natural climbers and are unable to support their own weight as they continue to grow.

Planting a Friendly Fence

Sometimes it is just not kosher to put up that tall, wooden privacy fence. There are different options to building a privacy screen that are not loud and obnoxious, and will still make your neighbor enjoy you.

Cattleya Orchids – An In-Depth Look at This Plant Variety

There are over 20,000 orchid species in the world and are the largest known living plant. Of all orchid species, the cattleya is the most loved and respected. In fact, cattelya orchids, of the family of epindendroideae, are the flowers that people tend to associate with when talking about orchids. Another name for the cattleya orchid is “Easter Orchid”. Why?

The Stages of Plant Growth – Starting With Seeds

To grow great plants, one should understand their life cycle which includes the the vegetative, reproductive, senescence, and dormancy stages. First, most plants start as seeds. Many people know this, but what they don’t know is that seeds are actually immature plants protected by hard shells.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Vs Fluorescent Plant Grow Lights

New indoor gardeners struggle to decide between high intensity discharge (HID) and fluorescent lights in their grow rooms because of the pros and cons of each combined with the fact that there’s myriad configurations. Furthermore, the decision partly depends on what stage of growth the plants are in.

Orchid Watering – 3 Great Tips

Many times when orchids aren’t doing well it has to do with the way people are watering their orchid, or the type of water they are using. Are you using city water with strong chemicals like chlorine? Do you use a water softener in your home and if so is this bad for your orchid? What about the water temperature does this make a difference? In this article I will answer these questions and give you some other tips as well.

Filamentous Algae, A Nuisance in Ponds

We usually put man made ponds in our landscape to make a fresher look in the overall expression of your lawn or your garden. But is is such a woe for anyone who have filamentous algae in their ponds.

My Garden is Out of Control! Ways to Prevent Your Garden From Becoming a Jungle

The best way to prevent your garden from getting out-of-control is to plan for low maintenance in the initial design phase. Gardens of low maintenance beauty and distinction are not thrown together haphazardly. Instead, they are designed before they are built. Even if all you have is a tiny plot behind your townhouse, or just a few containers on your deck, making a garden plan in advance will pay off.

Best Method of Growing a Orange Jessamine – Follow These Tips For Maximum Foliage and Blooms

Cloning Orange Jessamine or making a sprout from an existing plant is done by making a cutting from its stem, and planting such cutting. Within months, a new shoot emerges from it.

Gardening – Where You Can Get Free Mulch

To grow a beautiful, healthy garden, it’s almost a “must” that you use mulch. However, over time, the expense of mulch can begin to add up. Are there less expensive – but still effective – mulching options? Yes indeed!

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